Chicago, Illinois, USA

Incredible four part harmony & vocal arrangments


Every so many years there is an unexpected birth of a musical offspring that stands alone from the rest of the pack…ie The Jackson Five...New Edition...Usher…Chris Brown and now Chicago’s own, KOMPL3TE! This foursome consists of four 1st cousins blessed with heavenly four part harmonies playing the background to powerful lead vocals laced with precision, emotion, riffs and runs to die for. Just maybe being able to SANG is a hereditary trait because vocal talent runs deep in the roots of KOMPL3TE’s family tree. In the early years, Mama Billingsley began to home in on the natural musical nature that she believed was already instilled in her sons, Ja-lonny & Jacoby by placing them along with their first cousin, Marquis in talent showcases where at the ages 9, 10 & 11, they would mimic songs and dance routines of the mighty Temptations. Mama Billingsley would later find that the boys could actually sing! In 2009, Ja-lonny, Jacoby & Marquis were reunited with another first cousin of theirs, Calin. It was a hot summer day at the Bud Billiken Parade in Chicago when their vocals all meshed for the first time and became KOMPL3TE. Now prepared and determined to become a major part of the music industry, KOMPL3TE has set out to conquer any competition presented to them which they continue to do with an uncanny ease on any local or non-local scene. After joining their musical family Rize & Shine Ent./SSR in June 2010 it would be safe to say..IT’S A WRAP SO STAY TUNED! RIZE & SHINE, BABY!!!!!