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Komplex Kai

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A Savage Surrounded By Symphony Surrendering To Lyrical Warfare


“My inspiration comes from life,” says Kai. “It’s the experiences that I go through is what I use to express my feelings with in my songs.” Kai’s music is a cross between urban life and life on the rez.

Rapper, Kisar Jones-Fryberg a.k.a. Komplex Kai now 20 years old began writing poetry when he was eight. He eventually began adding rhythm to his poetry then he combined all that to music, Bringing a unique blend of catchy beats with lyrical content, all with a special style that’s all his own.

He started recording at the age of thirteen, learning some of the ropes of the industry. So far he produced three albums entitled “perfect world,” the theme of the album: his life on the rez when he was growing up. He hit the CMJ charts and received college radio rotation across the nation. His second album, “Invisible Race” also hit the CMJ charts impacting the radio stations with more force and notability. His Third Release "What's Done is done" Is scheduled for release on 3/21/08! "I really grew up on this album" Kai says. "You get more of my personel thoughts...I went through a lot since the release of my last album{Invisible Race} I feel I got to release a lot of things that been with me these past couple years."

Komplex Kai always gives his all to his audience, and has graciously donated his performance to many community events.


Perfect World
Invisible Race
What's Done Is Done

Set List

About The Rez
What's Done Is Done
Native Blood
Rock With Me
Savage Sinister
On This
Dem Girlz
Heart Of A Warrior
Never Fall Off
Insignificant importance