komplizen der spielregeln

komplizen der spielregeln

 Köln, North Rhine-Westphalia, DEU



In the beginning there was a novelette of Max Frisch and a collage of whatever is meant to be true life.
Experimental Noise-pop with german lyrics is the result. In the tradition of bands like sonic youth, built to spill and motorpsycho the guitars zap through instrumental contradiction, blustering feedbacks and one and a half melodies – alternately, surpisingly and intense. The lyrics and their performance are irritating and annoying, bringing a cynical view of daily life face to face to the audience.
As a vintage line-up (g,g,b,d,v) KOMPLIZEN DER SPIELREGELN combine artistical elements (such as visuals and improvisation) with the spirit and energy of Post-punk tradition.
KOMPLIZEN DER SPIELREGELN recorded their debut „Es wird nur noch geatmet“ (2009/sitzer records) in the temple studios on Malta with friend and producer Hannsu Lakkinnen (Ampersand, Sans Secours, Psycho-path, e.g.) as a lucky coincidence. Hannsu had to take care of a friends home living there. The Band existst in their line-up since 2007, even though the hole bandhistory has a long and boring beard going back to 2001. On their autumn-tour KOMPLIZEN DER SPIELREGELN are also playing Austria and Italy -for the first time.


Der Anteil am Tagesbedarf (2004) - EP

Es wird nur noch geatmet (2009) - LP

Geatmet:Es (2009) - Remix-EP