Komuso Tokugawa

Komuso Tokugawa

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Connecting the real and virtual worlds along a musical energy continuum from Generative Ambient Relaxation Music to High Energy BoogieBluesNoise live performances.


One foot in the emotionally expressive analogue world of traditions such as deep blues and 1200 year old Japanese bamboo flute, the other firmly in the metaverse of emerging virtual worlds such as SecondLife. Connecting the two through live streaming performances with dynamic, visceral, audiovisual performances.
See my blog at http://www.sonicviz.com/music/members/6/blog.php for more details!

1. "Bringing the Boogie to the Bitstream" - Bridging the real world and the emerging virtual worlds with a special brand of loose, raw, boogie blues. Visceral stinging slide guitar and harmonica backed up by AI driven custom programmed bass and drum grooves.

2. Ambient Trance Blues
A real time audiovisual experience inside SecondLife. A new project for 2008! A real time distributed jam between Japan and Taiwan, complete with a custom built generative visuals system to create a relaxed ambient trance blues synaesthetic experience.

3. Relaxation music for healing, meditation, chillout, and relaxation. Brainwave entrainment musical training sets. Interactive musical bio/neuro feedback applications.


Downloads and Streams available at:

Set List

1. Boogie Blues - 1 hour+ sets to full 3 hour+ gigs
Slide/Harp/Vocals with AI rhythm section

Original tunes and Versions of:
Rolling and Tumbling
Come on in my Kitchen
Kind Hearted Woman
SL Boogie
Can't be satisfied
King Bee
Someday Baby
Baby Please Don’t Go
Delaware Slide
Seventh Son
Cocaine Blues
Frankie and Johnny
St James Infirmary
No Mans Land
Amazing Grace
House of the Rising Sun/Fun
Give me back my wig
Shake your moneymaker/Red Light Mama
Walking Blues
Hawaiian Boogie
Dust my Broom
Sitting on Top of the World
Help Me
Poor Boy
Key to the highway
Zoom Boogie
Life By The Drop
Ragbag/Look so Good
You Got to Move
Mojo Working
No Expectations
Feeling Bad Blues
Hoochie Coochie Man
Mercury Blues
Mystery train
Wang Dang Doodle

2. Ambient Trance Blues
Original tunes:
Poor Boy
Good Bad and Ugly
Spanish Oddity
St Somebody
Looks So Good
Dusk Till Dawn

3. Relaxation Music

Original generative compositions for healing, meditat