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A'a Lava Rock Records
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Au Naturel

Written By: Ransom Kong & Rich Zeuch

Very light very fresh
haven't peeled my eyes off you as of yet
A little crisp with citrus zest
Asante I wanted to have it all

Very rich very cool
A bit traditional with a splash of noveau
Every inch very full
When my tongue gets a taste of you ice cream

You've got sophistication
You're au naturel
I'm your true intoxication
I want to answer your belle

Sweet and savory dripping flavory
I wrap my lips around you I take you in
Daring but dignified distinguished & unified
Gonna meet the main entree bon appetit

Very strong very smooth
The kind of warmth to take away the blues
Brash & bold so take a hold
Amaleto let it flow amaretto