They are a difficult band to describe unless you're a music journalist, in which case you'd probably pick a large animal (elephant, dinosaur or a fantastical creature of myth) and put it in an unusual place (Middlesbrough) with predictably madcap results. Andrew Falkous - Future of the Left


Kong is not a name chosen by accident. It does not describe an effeminate collection of callow fuckers thrust together by a desire to look plucked or sound eager to please.

All are/were/shall be in other, perhaps more commercially viable bands, which is notable only because it fills out their biography and creates the impression of a deeper back-story, which becomes, by definition, massively interesting to idiots. Yes, Nancy was in Jane's Addiction, and Milicent founded ITV.

Kong's music, such as it is, takes all the risibly obnoxious elements of lots of very loud, credible bands, feeds it non-brand specific lager, then comes on it in its sleep.

In summary - the first time I saw them play I felt a burning sensation on my arm and realised that I had developed eczema.

Andrew Falkous 2008 (McLusky/Future of the left)


Blood of a Dove/A Hint of rennit innt 7" single released 2008

Leather Penny cd single released 2008 - b-sides feature The Bronx and Future of the Left

Snake Magnet album DVD released 2009

Leather Penny & Blood of a dove along with some album tracks are available to listen to on www.myspace.com/kongdom

Tracks have previously been played on BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 6 and XFM. Band also recorded a live session at Maida Vale studios for Radio 1

Set List

Leather Penny
Blood of a Dove
A Hint of Rennit Innit
Felt Tips
Wet Your Knives
Count too 9

Usual set list consists of 8-9 original songs and lasts 40 minutes.