Dordrecht, South Holland, NLD


KONG is back! The Amsterdam based quadraphonic quartet released a new album which blends all elements of their unconventional style into a heavier and more intense musical collage than ever before. The sound and atmosphere refer and expand on the earlier works of KONG where sampling and electronica played a less prominent role. Still the music contains a lot of weird samples and loops and maintains it's high groove-and-dance factor.

KONG started out in 1988 and soon drew international attention with their unscrupulous mix of heavy metal, progressive rock, electronica, and the avant-garde - all of it backed up by extensive sampling and quirky sound effects. Adding to their unusual approach, KONGÂ’s music is 99 percent instrumental, and performed quadraphonically, with each member of the group positioned on a small stage in a corner of the venue and the audience in the middle. With this concept KONG tours regularly all across Europe, drawing widespread attention from in-the-know critics and building a selective but dedicated audience.
After a break of almost seven years bassist and co-founder Mark Drillich revived the band and attracted new recruits Tijs Keverkamp (guitar), Mandy Hopman (drums) and David Kox (guitar).



What It Seems Is What You Get (2009)
88•95 (Compilation 2001)
Freakcontrol (1999)
Earmined (1997)
Push Comes To Shove (1995)
Phlegm (1992)
Mute Poet Vocalizer (1990)