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Detroit, Michigan, United States | SELF

Detroit, Michigan, United States | SELF
Band Rock Punk


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"Ballbustermusic.com review"

I might as well keep the MMC thing goin' here...at least long enough to mention another band that we'll be going to check out this year. I was going through the list of selected performers, lookin' for something that would catch my eye and I came across a band called Konniption Fit. I was hooked the moment I heard a few of their tunes on their MySpace page. I contacted them right away and a copy of their debut CD, "Ballistic," was sent my way and it hasn't been out of my CD player since. This is the kind of music that I can really get into. It's a fun collection of high energy pop, punk, rock 'n' roll. Okay, sure, I have to admit that this is a style of music that's been done before and it's not like they're breaking any new ground here. But, does that really matter if they're doing it better than those who came before them? I don't think so...and...yes...I think they're doing it better because, first of all, after I went through the album for the first time, the chorus for most of the tunes was stuck in my head, which means the material made an impression. Second, there's a lot of variety from song to song, which is something you really don't hear with this style of music. Some of the albums I've heard in the past...it sounded like I was listening to the same song over and over again. That's not the case here. I can't really pick out any stand out tracks because I'd probably end up talking about every song on the album because it's that damn good. The ones that really stuck in my head are tunes like "Rush Hour," "Catnip," "Only Maybe" and "Bi-Girl." Another thing I really like about this album is...well...I can almost picture what they sound like live...which is something that...luckily...I'll be able to see. We're also hookin' up for an in person interview, which will be posted here shortly after the MMC. So, if you like what you hear on their MySpace page...and I'm sure you will...make sure you keep your eye on this website to find out more about this great band. - www.ballbustermusic.com

"Konniption Fit @ TNT’s 10-6-07"

Quick, get out the Katnip, I think I’m having a Konniption Fit! Brothers & Sisters, if you missed Saturday Night over at TNT’s in Clinton Twp, then clear out all those hairballs and listen up! With the temperature outside near 90, a Rock Room nearly as hot inside, 5 dollar cover for 6 bands, Cold Beer, and Sexy Women on stage, what the hell else could anyone want? How about a smoking line-up featuring one of the “Hottest” bands around today, Konniption Fit! With Sikmindz, Blackmail, Spades Alone, Mansfield Park, Konniption Fit, and Not To Be Found all in the house tonight, things were bound to get out of hand! And out of hand they did, including Dr2 & Crew! What a night this turned out to be. Pulling into TNT’s after the first 2 bands had already gone off, Dr2 was ecstatic to see another awesome set by “Spades Alone”. Having talked up this young band since seeing them for the first time a few weeks ago, Dr2 had been anxious for some of the crew to check them out. So with some of our crew in tow, Spades Alone came out and won over Dr2’s Crew tonight with their unique style and sound, even debuting a new song never performed live before, and it rocked! Job well done guys! It was good to see a full crowd tonight and I imagine all of the bands were happy with this too. With such great weather during October, I was surprised anyone wanted to be inside tonight. But inside they were, and from what Dr2 witnessed next, they had every reason to be inside! When the lights went down, and the PA came up, there was Konniption Fit, the band that Dr2 was here to see tonight. Opening their set with “Rush Hour”, Konnipition Fit raised the temperature inside TNT’s with a blistering hot set, complete with short skirts and fishnet stockings! If you didn’t feel the heat from this set tonight, I’d have to say you were passed out behind the bar. Jason Caine (lead guitar, lead vox) has himself surrounded by a ferocious cast that includes Lacey (guitars), Eric Vancil (bass), and Keith James(kit). But it is Amber Cat (backing vocals) who gyrates around the stage, interacting with Jason at all angles and playing off of his leads, that really turns this into a rock show! Rolling right into “Only Maybe”, Konnipition Fit pumps out that power punk rock and keeps it coming, demanding every one to their feet as their beats become contagious. By the time “Catnip” came screaming out, everyone was swaying and singing along to this Konnipition Fit anthem! Shifting into high gear midway through, Caine effortlessly throws his catchy hooks over the heavy beats of Vancil & James, while Lacey drove the rhythm home on “Ego Trip”. During one point, Amber Cat threw herself to floor in worship like moves around the now soloing Caine. Boy, this guy can rip off a guitar solo that raises the heat a few degrees itself. A very solid cover of Blondie’s “One Way Or Another” flowed right into the set ending “Get Away”, as Konnipition Fit certainly showed us here @ Dr2 that they are one extremely entertaining group, that not only can play, but can deliver the visuals to boot! You can find Konnipition Fit playing all over the Detroit area, including the Token Lounge this Saturday and up at New York, New York in Chesterfield Twp. the following Friday. Or stop by their site @ myspace.com/konnipitionfit. And as always, you can find them in our “Top Friends” on myspace, or in the Dr2 Band List under links, right here on DetroitRockReview.com! - Detroit Rock Review

"Dr2 View "Ballistic" by Konniption Fit 1/29/10"

Detroit glam punk rockers, Konniption Fit, are set to release their first full length offering, "Ballistic", this Saturday night over at TNT's in Clinton Twp with an all out assault of the senses. Lively, energetic, and definitely colorful, Konniption Fit has been prowling the scene, delivering their trademark "over the top" live shows for a few years now, releasing the EP "Caricatures" in 2007 while continuing to write for the full length that is upon us. Having been through a number of incarnations, the group has settled in as a power trio and has been pushing the punk throughout the Midwest, playing shows from Illinois to Pennsylvania, while racking up new found friends along the way. With "Ballistic", Konniption Fit has delivered a power punk packed Disc that features a foray of crunching guitar riffs and booming bass lines that provide the perfect framework for Jason Caine's incredible hooks and screaming leads. At 12 tracks, Ballistic features a bevy of catchy melodies that are accented with Amber Cats harmonies along the way, providing ample time to get your groove on. Antimatter kicks things off with a quirky take on relationships while Rush Hour hits home with its sarcastic take on traffic jams that we've all experienced one time or another. Dr2's favorite track off the disc, Universal, may not be cut from the punk genre, but instead exposes the diversity Konniption Fit posses with this alt rocker that will shake the bottom loose while it showcases the incredible fret work of Caine. With songs like Bi-Girl, Ego Trip & the disc ending Monkey Song, it's not hard to see that although they take their music seriously, Konniption Fit keeps things loose by supplying that release of humorous energy that's secretly hiding out in all of us. A solid disc from this trio, and a ton of fun to listen too!

Be sure to catch the band the band Saturday night January 30th at The TNT's where they'll celebrate their debut full length release, and while you're there, be sure to pick up your copy of "Ballistic", or head on over to iTunes where you can snag a copy from the internet! For a closer look at Konniption Fit, hit up the Dr2 Links or head on over to the Dr2 MySpace Page where you'll find them listed in our Top Friends". DetroitRockReview.com - The Only Place For Local Music News & Reviews! - Detroit Rock Review

"Knniption Fit Midwest CD Release at the Elbo Room 10/10/09"


It was hot fun and cool rock music flowing throughout the Elbo Room, blogspotters! And SouthSide was ready to party all night long. Her good friends, Konniption Fit (from Detroit, MI), were celebrating the debut of their newest CD, Ballistic. Helping with this momentous event, bands like Riot Inside, Machinegun Mojo, and Innerfall were invited to put everyone in a party mood. Also included in this packed lineup was Jinx Never Sticks and the female duo, Level 5..............

Time to party, my blogspotters, Detroit style with Konniption Fit. This Michigan trio brought back their energized punk/hardcore rock back to the Windy City for their CD release of Ballistic. There were lots of guitar rock and energy on stage to get the audience moving. Jason (guitar/vocals) and Amber (bass/vocals) thrilled the room with their unique guitar style and performances. SouthSide loved their song Rush Hour that had her feeling the frustration of being stuck in downtown traffic. Konniption even brought along some of the funk rock solely for this Chicago show. Want to feel sexy and dirty at the same time? Listen to their song, Ego Trip, and watch out for the many fast and slow tempo riff changes. Such a combination made it one hot number, blogspotters. The highlight of this set was Jason's smokin' guitar solo which led into the next song, Erase. This reviewer suggests snagging a copy of their latest CD and cranking up the volume to feel (as well as hear) that crazy Detroit rock sound. Fore more information, visit Konniption Fit at www.konniptionfitband.com, www.facebook.com/konniptionfit or www.myspace.com/konniptionfit. - Southside - Chicago


Caricatures (The debut EP) - Produced & recorded by Andy Patalan (Sponge, Solid Frog, Throttlebody, etc) at the infamous Loft studios in Saline, Michigan, "Caricatures" showcases the core of Konniptin Fit’s youthful, tight, sound that appeals to a similar teen and early 20’s fan base as Green Day, Blink 182, New Found Glory, and Four Year Strong.

Ballistic (Full-length 12-song CD) – Now here!! October 2009. The CD will feature the "catchy ear candy meets a demolition wrecking ball" sound that fans have come to crave from Konniption Fit, with a few surprises in the mix.



Konniption Fit is a punk/pop band with a heavier edge, hailing from Detroit, MI. Their sound covers many sonic territories, from crunchy ear candy to rebellious moments of anarchy, yet all mixes cohesively into one band. Their goal? To write music with a raw, rebellious attitude, play music with conviction, and devastate the stage with an onslaught of catchy melodies, high energy performances, and an unforgettable show. Konniption Fit is brimming with hook-laden, pop punk bliss contrasted with guitar-driven modern rock, creating a fresh sound with mass-crossover appeal. A bright light emerging from Motor City, this is a band that isn't afraid to step outside the darker Detroit music “box” and tap into diverse influences.


- September 2010 Konniption Fit wins opening slot to play with legendary KISS at DTE Music Energy Theatre!!!!!
- Bassist/Backing Vocalist Amber Cat is welcomed into the World renowned Zon Guitar family as their first female bassist endorsee this May! They are currently working on her custom model to be used on stage as well as for Konniption Fit's next CD with writing in the works!
-Singer/Guitarist Jason Caine has recently been endorsed by Egnater Amps and XOX Audio Tools in 2010! XOX Audio Tools is known for their revolutionary & award-winning guitar designs, and Jason will soon be playing their SPD & Handle models! The XOX guitars are made of 100% carbon fiber, which has been acoustically designed to be tonally better than wood. XOX's high-end instruments are crafted in Italy to the finest standards! Check out www.xoxaudiotools.com for more details!

Konniption Fit just finished mastering their full length CD with producer/engineer Andy Patalan, tentatively named, "Ballistic" to be released in the summer of 2009. The 12-song CD will feature the "catchy ear candy meets a demolition wrecking ball" sound that fans have come to know and crave from the band, with a few surprises in the mix. This past year Konniption Fit received endorsements from Egnater, Zon Guitars, XOX Audio Tools and previously from Coffin Case, Kimikal Clothing, and Hot Picks. Completing a two month fall/winter Midwest tour last year, they hit cities such as Chicago, Fort Wayne, Pittsburgh, Toledo, Cincinnati and more. A future tour this summer/fall is in the works to support the new CD, "Ballistic", scheduled for a 2010 Winter release. Also, please visit their new Street Team page on www.reverbnation.com/konniptionfit, containing exclusive free downloads.

Konniption Fit was originally formed in the year 2004 by veteran singer/guitarist Jason Caine, bassist Eric Vancil and drummer Keith James. They hit the music scene hard from the get-go and played several shows within a few months of forming, including Detroit’s St. Andrew’s Hall. During the winter of 2006 & spring of 2007, Konniption Fit recorded the four-song EP, "caricatures" at the loft studios located in Saline, Michigan with producer/engineer, Andy Patalan at the helm. During this time, they continued to play some of the best venues on a regular basis, spreading the music & the word that Konniption Fit had arrived. In the early summer of 2007, backing vocalist Amber Cat was recruited to help thicken the Konniption Fit sound, improve & diversify the live performances, while also adding a new dimension to the band’s overall image, energy and sound. Once the band decided to move forward on a national level and tour, they tightened up their total composition and evolved back into a solid 3-piece as Amber Cat moved into full time bass and harmonies. Barbie Grrl joined the crew in early 2010 to replace Keith on drums, now leading Konniption Fit on with an all female rhythm section.
Since then, the power trio has been more driven than ever. The band has been working tightly with Detroit’s biggest rock radio Station WRIF 101.1 and alternative rock station 89x, having received regular airplay & performing at many radio sponsored events, featured in their ads and taking part in several of their band competitions. While working hard to promote their live show, Konniption Fit has had the opportunity to play some of Detroit's largest and best venues, including DTE, Royal Oak Music Theater, St. Andrews Hall, Bert's Warehouse Theater and The Emerald Theater. Through hard work, they've garnered stage time with national recording acts such as KISS, LA Guns, Vains of Jenna, Days of the New, Taproot, The Academy Is..., The Envy, Sponge, WWE Diva Christy Hemme, The Luchagors (featuring Lita from WWE), The Muggs (“Greatest American Band” finalists), Peppermint Creeps, Broadzilla, Crud, and the Blacklist Union to name a few.