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"Loop artist Konrad Kuechenmeister's summer stint in the Saloppe"

Konrad Kuechenmeister was ever shown on billboards as the Hindu deity Shiva, with many arms. Dresdner "auspicious"; although, he has only two, his music sounds for more. The self-taught multi-instrumentalist takes everything he sings, beat boxing or playing on a loop station and turns it into complex songs, leaping back and experiment between genres and speeds back and forth. He has released two albums, a live DVD is nearing completion. On Saturday he plays his summer highlight of Dresden, in the garden of the summer Saloppe economy.

This "kitchenmaster"-- a chef--has not, despite his prophetic (bürgerlichen!) name, been chosen for cooking. A kitchen appliance like a milk frother ensures maximum time for an extravagant sound besides guitar, melodica, bass, keyboard and, constantly expanded instrument range. Half years after the release of his successful album "Battery Street" has the artist who never wants to occur without a cap, next to Dresden and Berlin captured the world. Last year he was a subcultural representative of Germany at the EXPO in Shanghai and previously for the Goethe-Institut as ambassador to Brazil. "Smooth the rhythm of the loop, we live our lives with pleasure," says the only German song "Stay Free" on the plate. A motto that at least with the 29-year-old has always worked.

Chef has, just like the many-armed Shiva promises always been lucky so far, has taken advantage of the opportunities that presented themselves. After finishing school, and community service in Dresden, he was not quite sure where it should go, the chosen study abroad was too expensive. By chance, he came to his first band. "I went one day after Berlin, pondered for hours over a cappuccino in a cafe and noticed the waitress. Which turned down beside me, we have a long talk and finally it has brought me together with the American ska band Regatta 69, in which I later played keyboard. "That he has trained in a ska and reggae combo his sense of rhythm, Listening to the relaxed groove of some of his tracks on today, in other pieces he borrows dancehall, drum'n'bass or Latin sounds. A song from "Battery Street" is very quiet, almost romantic. "I will not let myself musically limit" is the simple recipe of a one-man orchestra.

So he lay down in early 2006 to a loop station with which he finally was able to play, and what he wanted. Because this experiment a learning disturbed neighbors, he pulled out of his Berlin apartment in the public, where he was rehearsing before the eyes and ears of passersby. "In May 2006 I played my first road show ever at the Brandenburg Gate in November already my first stage concert in Dresden Bärenzwinger." The fact that he, at least temporarily, was returned to his home, another fortunate circumstance is due: the encounter with his future producers Gyorgy de Val in the Dresden DJ he has found a musical companion who accompanied him almost everywhere. De Val is a staunch promoter master chef and is responsible for the electronic beats on "Battery Street". "We have already often had disagreements with the sound, but in the end there is always something grease came out."
Even when on Saturday held "Summer Open Air" in the Val de Saloppe is one of the party. He puts up with his DJ team "Track1" in connection to the Loop concert. And what does Mr. Chef? Dresden for his audience, he brings out great, lets fly his former band saxophonist from England and traveling the sound guy from Bamberg. "This is my highlight of the year, I'm focusing on it much and I've even bought a new stage piano and a new drum kit." The specially adapted to its technology gives him even more room on stage and bring a little more variety in its multi-cultural Tonkabinett, in which they can take over again and exotic instruments like box covered with coconuts or Indian flutes
After the concert, he will pause and prepare for his next tour Brazil. "We bought a truck that is being remodeled. With the offer we want to go one month across the country, a sort of mobile platform and thus also go to poorer regions. We want to show short films, dance performances, and of course make music perform. "The cross-cultural project is no longer funded by the Goethe Institute. Now his team is working, the artist collective "BerlinLOOPBrasil", together with a Brazilian tourist agency, the Foreign Art wants to get into the country. Another stroke of luck and also a nice way to learn about Brazil from many sides and engage in real contact with the people. The proximity to the audience chef has remained important despite some big performances. Together with his producer, he just tinkers on plans for a new road loop station. "The car battery needs a larger voltage transformer, more bass for the membrane, a resistant Beatbox ..."

Konrad Kuechenmeister looks relaxed and happy. When you get time just flown in for a 40-minute concert in front of 200 people from a tour to China, we can truly say that we have been lucky. When he turns 30 next year and celebrates birthday, he wants to invite all his friends in a Berlin club, but definitely not playing himself. "I add back the drinking and the plant and want to celebrate!"

Juliane Hanka

Konrad Kuechenmeister plays on Saturday (30.7.) By 20 clock in the summer garden of Saloppe, then takes over the crew Spur1 Saloppe Inside, tickets cost eleven euros.

Info box:
What makes Konrad Kuechenmeister, he referred to as "Free Loop Live Entertainment Program". For five years, he appears as a street musician, or even a large audience. He plays all the instruments, including guitar, bass, keyboards, live on the stage, then puts one above the other, the individual tracks and play them in a loop, known as the loop from. His first album "Loopool" was published in 2008, shortly followed an EP with the tracks "technical fault" and "Didge Walk". Since chef for example, plays regularly on the BRN. The highpoint was his 2010's appearance at the Expo in Shanghai, but also in Brazil and Dubai, it occurs now. - Aufmacher PluSZ 07-11, Juliane Hanka


2007 "LOOPOOL"



Konrad Kuechenmeister is definitely one of the most captivating musicians in the contemporary music scene of Berlin.

This multi-instrumentalist composes LIVE on the stage with traditional instruments such as guitar, melodica, djembe, didgeridoo with the aid of his LOOP STATION, a last generation technology that allows the artist to record himself live, compose, mix and create special sound effects, all at once, creating a show compared to an orchestra with only one musician on stage.

Konrad Kuechenmeister develops his music without the artificial aid of samplers, producing all sounds live for the audience, mixing his own beatboxing, guitar solos, and melodic phrases, improvising in many different instruments and even using his own body to create extraordinary sounds and unique effects. Konrad is an expression of the modern world that challenges creation at the same time as he presents a harmony with the new technologies and multimedias.

Konrad Kuechenmeister started his solo project as a street musician, an European tradition that propels many careers. He has played in more than 350 concerts as a musician in many different European countries, as well as in the United States and Canada and most recently in Brasil. He was the official support act for "MANU CHAO" in Brasilia. Continuously integrating in his compositions the impressions acquired in his worldwide music Tours.

Konrad Kuechenmeister’s unique style is a new blend of the most modern tendencies of music today, from drum & bass, dub, reggae, dancehall, house, hip hop, latin music, ska, breaks and etc, making it impossible to confine his music to one style.