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Born Royal James Banks, in the shadow of the world famous New Orleans Superdome and “Sin City”. Growing up in the projects, just a short walk to Bourbon Street, KONSEP was forced to grow up hard and fast. As a youngster, KONSEP found himself sitting at the feet of seasoned street hustlers, players and original gangsters, who not only taught him how to peep the pulse of the streets, but survive while doing so.
Becoming the man of the house at 13 presented many challenges for KONSEP, who began hanging out near the corner butcher’s shop, waiting for the days end, when the butcher tossed out the end on the bologna roll, to help his single parent mother feed his siblings. It was not long until his bright smile captured the attention of the butcher’s wife, who offered him odd jobs around the shop in exchange for enough meat to feed his family well. In every spare moment you could find KONSEP stashed away in a corner, writing about what he heard, saw and felt on the streets. Affectionately know as the “Black Lyrical Savior” KONSEP’s lyrics paint a picture in one’s mind of life on the street, growing up fast and staying on top of the game. As you experience the lyrics of this Street Poet, your mind is taken back to a time when real was real, a people talked to your eyes and meant it. KONSEP’s dirty south, New Orleans grammar coupled with his mega hot tracks keeps your head bobbing, body moving and clubs hoppin. With his upbeat, “In your face” socially conscience, lyrical style, KONSEP delivers an astonishing poetic message that keeps his listeners asking “Did he say that?”. KONSEP says things we all would say or at least think about an issue, situation or idea, if we only had the guts to say it out loud. In the Speak Easy corridors of Bourbon Street, KONSEP pens his most heartfelt visions of life in the streets. Feed up with the passive responses to the social injustices witnessed in New Orleans, KONSEP's dreams of sharing what his eyes have seen with the world , prompted him to move to LA to pursue his musical platform in 1990. KONSEP found himself slap in the middle of the Rodney King trial, when social injustices were running rampant in LA. This experience birthed a passion to stand up and be heard.