Hypnotic Textural Cinematic Noise ! kontakte’s music infuses all elements from the sonic-spectrum. Combining ethereal melodies and celestial tones with a pulsing electronic backbeat, kontakte produce an overall hypnotic noise – informing the band to create music with depth, space and intensity.


kontakte's music is the sound of extremes. Highs, Lows and Heavenly Blows...
Their intertwining guitar melodies and swathes of calming drones transport you to a place of serenity before gradually working up a storm of guitar-fuelled intensity that can only exit in a blast of ecstatic noise. But this is not a blueprint or a formula, each track has its own path and story, each told in its own personal way.
Influenced by EITS, Sigur Ros, 65 Days Of Static and Fennesz.
What sets us apart is our belief in electronics to carry our sound forward. Not reliant on a 'typical' rock band set-up - we are a wall of sound kept on our toes by propulsive, repetitive beats.


Debut Album - Soundtracks To Lost Road Movies (Drifting Falling)
7" - Motorik (Mind Exodus)
7" - Sterile World (Enraptured)

Compilations - Revolution In Sound (Northern Star)

We have received worldwide radio airplay, internet streaming and podcasts.

Set List

Astralagus (new)
Sterile World
With Glowing Hearts (new)
Ghosts Of Electricity
The Ocean Between You And Me
Superbug (new)

We can play anywhere between 30 to 60 mins depending on the given show.

We do NOT play covers.