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"Soundtracks' Album Review"

"Surging forth on a throb of sleek drum machine, Kontakte glide along a shimmering autobahn where audio technology drifts across the spectrum of retro-futurism – and with tracks titled such things as "Motorik", how could it be any other way? They shift down through the gears with a satisfyingly even sense of purpose, flit into passages where the only sound audible could be the dashboard clock marking a frozen time; then, they roar into overdrive, pistons heaving and churning with mechanical glee.
Also on board are a team of remixers who make up half the album's content. Winterlight and Twelve ramp up the fuzz quotient to brain-bursting levels, while others like Electric Loop Orchestra concentrate on extended hypnotic rhythms, drones and swirls. Such epic tendencies are emphasised by Polysicness in their stutteringly soaring "Sterile World"; but it's Oppressed by the Line who make a cruise-controlled fadeout."
Plan B Magazine - Feb 2009 - Plan B Magazine

"iTunes Album Review"

"The opening track from epic instrumentalists Kontakte's debut album Soundtracks To Lost Road Movies is hypnotic, ethereal and beautiful music that a 30 second sample simply cannot do justice to !
Backed with a steady motorik pulse Kontakte expertly build the atmosphere of each track, often reaching a crescendo of massive, orchestral proportions - but with guitars !"
"Wow, this is ace, very cool, epic space-rock... sounds like continents colliding. You have to hear the whole of each track to appreciate it, really." ***** iTunes UK - 'Best Of The Store'

- iTunes UK

"Album Review"

"The long-awaited debut album by Kontakte is finally out. Soundtracks... consists of 6 tracks and 6 remixes and lives up to the hype. In its gigantic shoegazing world of the sometimes 10 minute long instrumentals there is alot of noise and thunder; but again and again the cloudy sky opens up for moments of sheer infinite beauty. A masterpiece in concept and execution." - Bloom.de (Top 10 Albums 2008) - Bloom.de (Germany)

"Album Review"

.."Soundtracks For Lost Road Movies" is a remarkably apt title... A cinematic trip where the landscape is awe inspiring and ecstatically ethereal. The album shows a depth of musicianship, production and song structure." - Crumbs In The Butter (Top 10 Albums 2008) - Crumbs In The Butter.com

"Live Review"

"Kontakte's logo is a striking flickering TV screen set to static; live, it sits there behind them next to the laptop which provides their hypnotic backbeats; the pulsing, repetitive electro-drones that form their sound's foundations have that transcendental motorways-at-night feel; they succeed in building great waves of space-noise that draw you in completely and then hit you with the full power of their last track, an electro-fuzz frenzy of Longcut meets My Bloody Valentine with strobes firing either side of the stage which is gloriously exhilarating." - Manchester Music - Manchester Music


Debut Album - Soundtracks To Lost Road Movies (Drifting Falling)
7" - Motorik (Mind Exodus)
7" - Sterile World (Enraptured)

Compilations - Revolution In Sound (Northern Star)

We have received worldwide radio airplay, internet streaming and podcasts.



kontakte's music is the sound of extremes. Highs, Lows and Heavenly Blows...
Their intertwining guitar melodies and swathes of calming drones transport you to a place of serenity before gradually working up a storm of guitar-fuelled intensity that can only exit in a blast of ecstatic noise. But this is not a blueprint or a formula, each track has its own path and story, each told in its own personal way.
Influenced by EITS, Sigur Ros, 65 Days Of Static and Fennesz.
What sets us apart is our belief in electronics to carry our sound forward. Not reliant on a 'typical' rock band set-up - we are a wall of sound kept on our toes by propulsive, repetitive beats.