This is hot bitch dirty girl rock with songs like ‘Easy Lay’ and ‘Killer Looks’. Not for a long time, has there been a girl punk/rock band who do it like Siouxsie. www.eFestivals.co.uk


‘With a name inspired by a Polish telephone sex line, Koogaphone can’t help to do anything but rock in a rock chick kind of way.’ The Koogas exude the raw, loud energy of punk and smother it in catchy melodies, anthemic choruses topped with deliciously dark lyrics.

Julie- ‘the possessed guitar wielding temptress’ and Rachael met whilst dating the same guy. Removing him from the picture they started a band. Then in 2005 they enlisted Devonian drummer Matt- who in his teens played with local heroes ‘Lizardsun’. Last to be recruited was ex-Czech Ski champ Tony Kubik.

The Koogas quickly received glowing reviews and toured the UK and Canada performing alongside The Horrors, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Story 1, Tom Vek, Babyshambles, The Alabama 3, My Luminaries and The Pigeon Detectives.

They went on to record with Pat Collier (Primal Scream, The Wonderstuff, Maximo Park) and Paul Tippler (Idlewild, Placebo, Forward Russia) and Mark Ralph (The Rakes, Filthy Dukes) a kooga track has also been remixed by The Suicide Sports Club. They were thrilled to be invited to play Bestival 2006 and NXNE- Toronto which lead to Canadian album release. A highlight of their career so far was playing Glastonbury 2005. A lowlight was the unexpected arrival of 200 riot police at the D-Form festival in Barcelona. The muddy mayhem of Glasto beat Spanish tummy in el Señor’s police cell.

Since Glasto they received interest from several labels - the Koogas finally decided to sign with an Independent. It did not turn out to be their finest move- so they left the label earlier this year. They have since been in the studio with Pat Collier recording new tracks including the debut single ‘Big Cliff’ set for release on itunes etc on July 16th 2007. Its accompanying video was directed by cool, up and coming director Karl Rooney and features The Koogas as you have never seen them before! The koogas nect gig is to 15 000 sexy Italians just outside Milan. They can't wait!!!



Killer Looks

Written By: Julie Gravell

Old Canal

Verse 1
You taught me everything I know
Well nurtured, now I’m fully grown
It hurts me and we rarely talk
It kills me to know your own

But I’m stubborn just like my maker
She’s an old scrubber, retired back breaker
Stay round for trouble the cuts, the bruises
First to hit back the one who looses

I feel like
Someone’s taking me down to the old canal
No boats here since 20 years ago
The only scum here are those in the know
And I- Want to run 50 million miles away

Verse 2
I feel like I was never young,
If only I had been your son
God loves me I’d have ran away
He hates me, so I had to

Stay round for trouble…..

Chorus- I feel like…….

Middle 8
Get me out of this
Dog house
Whore house
Filthy old crotch louse
Clean out you stinking mouth
Whisky breath
Curse of death



I’m covered in the filth of this old place
Every inch thick in filth
Scrub away what I say
Never trust a word in this old place


Various compliation in UK, Italy, Russia, Germany Brazil.
Radio play in UK, Japan, Italy, Russia, Brazil, and Canada

Fast Loose and Lovely- Booby Dazzler Records Canada 2005

Big Cliff- Jimmymethingy Records 2007 Released on Itunes, napster, HMV online etc July 16th

Set List

Seaside Town
The Old Canal
John Wayne
Killer Looks
We can Tame You
The day and the Night
My Mistake
Big Cliff
White Trash
Easy Lay

30-45 mins