Rugby, England, GBR

Jackson Nova's music can only be described as epic with vast shifts in mood. From the soft and delicate to sheer bouts of angst and passion, fused with raw energy and all the pop ethic of legends. They get in your head. If you're looking for an honest no bullsh*t project Jackson Nova is the answer.


Julie met Rachael, they found Mat and then Dave happened along. The music they create is melodic, thoughtful and passionate. They've been compared to Courtney Love, Pixies and Blondie, with fleeting nods to PJ Harvey and Babes In Toyland along the way! Currently working on their second album, the band have played throughout Europe and North America, but call home London, England.
Julies' voice will lift you up, suck you in and then spit you out like a huge roller coaster ride.


Album 2003 - "Fast, Loose And Lovely"
Single 2005 - "Easy Lay"
Single 2007 - "Big Cliff"
Single 2008 - "White Trash"
Album 2009 - "Rocket Science"

Set List

Easy Lay
Big Cliff
My Skin
Caught My Eye
Day & Night
We Can Tame You
I Don't Belong In This City
My Mistake
You & Me
This Is A Raid
Common Thief
I Knew Jack