Kaohsiung, Kaohsiung, TWN

An explosive sound with high-energy rhythms, smooth melodies and inspiring lyrics. Full of positive power and a unique style.We are the most famous Grunge-rock band in Taiwan. We are KoOk!


KoOk is a grunge-based band, formed in Taiwan in 2000. Band members are Leslie (Vocals/Guitar), Chen (Bass) and Luke (Drums).

The band released their first full-length album, "State Of Chaos" which highlighted their long-established unique musical style, in 2008. Their second album, "The Unbearable Heaviness Of Being", garnered the band much more attention. In addition to the grunge factor, this album included more elements of rock, metal and punk. Their live performances are strong, dynamic and engaging, and is the reason fans love them.

Thematically, the lyrics describe the various facets of the human condition-one's mood and state of mind. The subject matter gives the listener fodder for their own self-reflection, or stimulus for their own imagination. The powerful melodies provide both passion and solace, further augmenting the experience.

KoOk has performed hundreds of times over the course of their eleven-year existence. In 2011, they made their first overseas tour, appearing at the "Music Matters" festival in Singapore. In the future, the band hopes to continue playing in other countries around the world, and continue to release new material.

=Major Live Appearances=
2001-2009,2012 Spring Scream Festival (Kenting, Taiwan)
2006,2007,2010-2012 Megaport Festival (Kaohsiung, Taiwan)
2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008 Formoz Festival (Taipei, Taiwan)
2008 Hohaiyan Festival (Fulong, Taiwan)
2010, 2011 Rock In Taichung Festival (Taichung, Taiwan)
2011 Music Matters Festival (Singapore)

2008- State of Chaos
2011- The Unbearable Heaviness Of Being

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The Unbearable Heaviness of Being

Written By: Leslie

Cut by half, stirring hardly ,until it become mushily.
Put the hot blood in,mixed with expectation,sometimes requires a lot of patience.
Stable emotion,stop breathing,pick it up carefully.
Open the mouth to the maximum,chew it hardly and swallow it down.

After the failure of twelfth,looking forward to the sweet frustration.
The unbearable heaviness of being. it repress me. I can't escape it but accept it.
Feel the extremely brilliant romantic,accept the indecent confessions .
The unbearable heaviness of being. it repress me. I can't escape it but accept it.

I admit that I'm not lucky guy,the soul collapsing in the whirlpool.
I admit that I don't have the strength,then find myself from the chaos.
Everything seem to have been forgotten,remembered by chance years later.
Not as scrap severely after the devastation,to re-establish new rules.

So I pressed the lighter of the heart,burn the unknown distance.
So I violated all the rules,shut down the silly game.
So I abandoned all the secret,let the soul back to zero.
Go to the future hardly!


2008 1st Album : State of Chaos.

2011 2nd Album : The Unbearable heaviness of being.

2011 Coldplay's Fix You - Music Matters for Japan (Various Artists) link => http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QiFJiy6kwDA

2011 Silver Killer - Megaport Festival collection album : Mega pride.