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Catchy, melodic, positive and informative lyrics with elements of hip hop, jazz & r&b fused underneath. Sounds like: The Roots, Musiq, LL Cool J


KOOL KEN, an American music producer and rapper, born September 17, in Lincoln Heights, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Even before the world knew of "L.L. Cool J", there was KOOL KEN, dubbed by his uncle Shaffer when he was still an infant. Although, KOOL KEN was and still is an avid, highly accomplished and decorated athlete of football, basketball, baseball and wrestling, he has always loved music. He's been blessed with a natural "ear" for music, which allows his rhythmic style. As a youngster, he's always been interested in music. He sang in the school choir and he even mastered the trumpet while still in grade school. He knew every lyric to almost every song he heard on the radio. From the likes of Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Roger Trautman, Zapp, Parliament and the Funkadeliks, Bootsy Collins, Lakeside, Slave, The Doobie Brothers, Barry White, George Duke, Quincy Jones, Najee, The Gap Band, Keith Sweat, Guy and Teddy Riley, Run DMC, LL Cool J, Public Enemy, Rappers Delight & Grand Master Flash, and he could sing and rap every lyric. Although, he criticizes his abilities sometimes too harshly, his singing voice is clear, crisp and ... He's also an excellent writer who's lyrics exuberates a certain spirituality and positivity to his message. His music transcends the gangster influence of today's music. There is no straining to hear or get the meaning as to what he tries to convey. KOOL KEN has a smooth, unique, articulate sound and rap style, in which he fuses elements of Jazz, R&B, Hip Hop, & even Rock & Roll into an exciting and original formula. His sound and style suggests a strong mass appeal to a broad spectrum of music lovers; Getting big props from the hardcore hip hoppers as well as major accolades from the kool, mellowed out R&B listeners and jazz aficionados. While enlisted in the United States Air Force, KOOL KEN seized the opportunity to travel the world and take his show on the road, even showcasing his talents in Seoul, Korea, Tokyo, Japan, and Waikiki, Hawaii. In 1996, while living in Atlanta, GA, KOOL KEN was finally able to bring his dream to life, so to speak, by forming his own record label and production company, Zone 15 Produkkionz, along with his cousin Donald Manor, Jr. AKA Dee_M, a multi instrumentalist and writer also from Cincinnati. Together they have created a new vibe for the millennium and beyond, using everything from social commentary and current events, to fun and good times as inspiration. It wasn't until 2003, that KOOL KEN independently released his self titled album that sold close to 15,000 units. Selling that many units independently, without promotion, radio or video is definitely an accomplishment which inspired Kool Ken to get back in the studio to pump out more quality work which you will find on his new upcoming release titled "How Many More?" "How Many More?" is a question posed by many, but directly asked by KOOL KEN, in reference to our youth and communities. How many more of us have to die? How many more of us have to make an excuse, take the abuse for the world to see the truth? The title song and video due to be released soon is a very powerful and inspirational song that needs to be heard and seen by all. What more is to be said about KOOL KEN? You can't get anymore original than this artist. He shows wit within his lyrics as well as versatility. The most musically inclined artist at the present who writes and raps all of his lyrics and sings the majority of his hooks. The mind behind the majority of the music production as well. If you are looking for something different, a change of pace, then KOOL KEN is for you. If you want the same 'ol, same 'ol? Glitter, glamour, violence and drugs? You won't find it with this artist. He's a little more complex with his art and you can tell simply by popping in his CD, while sitting back to relax and enjoy what KOOL KEN has to say over smooth grooves. Believe me, you won't be disappointed. When you are given the opportunity to listen to Kool Ken, I guarantee you'll be left inspired. Lookout! KOOL KEN is on the move, grabbing audiences and keeping heads bobbin' with slick lyrical wit and smoove grooves, guaranteed to put listeners "IN THE ZONE!" Show your support by purchasing the "How Many More?" limited edition cd/dvd dual disc online at cdbaby.com/koolken2 or itunes.com


Second Shift

Written By: KOOL KEN

Chorus: I brought you out to chill, you know KOOL KEN is for real, with Second Shift I steal, the show we're raking in mills...

Comin' with that feel good flow, you know how I be rippin' the show, you up on your toes and you're yellin' out HO!!! I suppose, I got you bobbin' in roves, comin' in droves and wearing brand new clothes. Tryin' to look as fresh as you can be, rockin' suits and dresses to the knee but you'll never be fresher than me, I'm KOOL KEN baby! And I make 'em go crazy, talkin' 'bout the ladies. I'm ridin' clean but I don't ride no mercedes. Hell, I ride the bus or the train, I keep change, forget driving a range! As long as I brush my teeth and bathe without actin' insane but you can give me some brain uh! and I mean that! I'm havin' a good 'ol time, bustin' my rhymes and gettin' followed by dimes. But uhm, I'm late for work catch my drift, no need to get pissed. KOOL KEN workin' second shift! Now bring it back.

Repeat chorus:

2nd verse:

Ain't it 'bout time you heard a feel good rhyme? Something you can play around the kids without the grime, without the crime? The message is subtle, kinda sublime, you don't know the meaning? Then where's your mind? It's for the everyday working man, understand? Time to uplift, instead of holding out your hand? But I'll give it to you anyway, proud on anyday, tryin' to teach the winnin' way, O.K.? Don't get me wrong, we can still get our giggle on, but it's a time and place. Put your game face on! I'm out to win, want more than some record spins! You can keep all your phony grins! I have no need for no phony friends! For real! It's not all about the Benjamin's, for real! Let's get our focus back! No if's and's or maybe's be exact and keep our families intact! But I need to get to work, can I get a lift? KOOL KEN workin' Second Shift!


Keep It Real

Written By: KOOL KEN

Chorus: All I really want, is to keep it real...the music is live, yes it is for real. All i really want, is to keep it real...come and feel the vibe, relax and chill...

Verse 1:

To the 1970 best believe yo, I set foot on this earth ready to go. With all praise to the Lord and thanks to my Mom's, gave me the skillz, so with words I drop bombs. I just want to keep it real, no frills, for years rhymin' for free but now it's time to pay bills! Will I ever make mills? When it happens, my objective is to stay real. And keep you comin' back for more, smilin' with ya hands out, like a kid in a candy store. And takin' only what I give ya, you want it real though, I suppose so, just check out my live show! I got ya groovin' in the front row, you know I know, got ya under a trance with my hypnotic flow. Got ya bobbin' ya heads from side to side, enjoy the ride, got ya feelin' good tonight right?


Verse 2:

I'm only doin' what I'm supposed to do, stayin' true. Not braggin' on the luxuries, son I'm fool proof. You're off guard not knowin' what comes next, nope not memorex, no need to check...boom! so get in line for your dose of some real hits, if ya lookin' for fiction son, I'm not sellin' it! So get out of my line troop, I'm gonna call up Salt Peppa son, they make me wanna shoop. So you should know what's up! What's up? Either keep it real, or prepare to knuckle up! And get ready for your beat down clown, keep it real or don't come to my home town. Flossin' wit ya gold teeth and furs, that hairs not hers! A strange look in the face, is all you deserve. Realism makes the world go round, sight and sound. I can keep it real and keep you groovin' to my live sound.


Final verse:

It don't get no realer than this, you had to miss, live musical entertainment son this is it! Zone 15 is in the house and under control. Like Rakim said, you know I got soul! Dee-Man be strummin' them strings, you know what I mean, talkin' bout his guitar representin' the 15! Me on the other hand, while I'm rhymin' not panamimin', stayin' in sync with my beat, I got that perfect timin'. You know my skillz are straight butta baby, got ya eyes hazy, lookin' at me sexy like, ya smile amaze me. I just wanna keep ya groovin', ya body movin' to the top of this rap game, I'm pursuin'. I wanna take ya with me, don't want you to diss me, come along enjoy the ride are you with me? The only way I know, no frillz, time to pay some bills, but did I keep it real?

Final Chorus:

Show & Prove

Written By: KOOL KEN & Lan P.

Chorus repeat 4x:
You gotta show and prove...prove yourself, prove yourself to me.

Verse 1: KOOL KEN
Now where ya at? I hope ya cruisin', I know ya groovin', feet tappin' body movin', show and prove and now who choosin'? cause I'm pursuin', the honey on the right in the red and blue and, rockin' Steve Maddens, eyes full of passion, thinkin' bout smashin' ya name I ain't askin'! Now if you want me, come and get me I ain't a quickie, take ya time with me, huh I'm kinda picky. So turn around and bring it back, let me pitty pat ya pretty kitty kat, huh, don't you like that? Babygirl, look in my eyes, don't be surprised, it's like ya hypnotized, I hear ya cry's and see ya quiverin' thighs. To the front, to the back now side to side as you take a ride, then we dip and slide. Pure destiny, this ain't a fluke, I'm comin' through...me and you, it's time to show & prove.


Verse 2: LAN P.

I use the pencil for inspiration, my brothers my motivation. I write a rhyme when I start to feel aggravation. Try not to get myself in critical situations. I brush it off and just get rid of the player hation. No need for a confrontation, I just look forward in the future and think about this money that I'm makin'. A young man, that's also risk takin', success is the plan so man please don't get it all mistaken! We just tryin' to live our dream lives, wives with thick thighs and sleepin' on a bed that's king sized. Gucci lenses protectin' my eyes, bills no lesser than five, gettin' rich before I'm 25! Yeah that's the life I wanna live on MTV cribs and to my kids, I'll have mad paper to give. So in the end, so there's no confusin', Lan P just tryin' to show & prove!


Final verse: KOOL KEN & Lan P. go back n forth

He's Lan P. I'm KOOL KEN we in it to win, show and prove together through thick and thin. In it to win say it again, we in it to win Lan P with KOOL KEN he's my closest of kin. Cashin' in from state to state, we break and wait, tip top is how we rate, we take the cake! We shake and fake, cause real fellas make the cake, pump the breaks, we shift then accelerate! Blowin' past the opposition, who's the competition? Shut up and listen, I know you wishin' you was in my position. A 2 man coalition with honorable mention, we spittin' rhymes with precision, he's hittin' and I'm pitchin'! That's how we do it, rhymin' congruent, always on point, always pursuant, we know what we doin'! Each and every line of mine rhyme and always on time, no symbols or signs, a ten better known as a dime! To our spillin' we got you chillin', I'm askin' how you feelin'? Yeah you, you lookin' quite appealin'. Now tell me are you willin'? For some touchin' and feelin'? Ain't no robbin' stealin', just you moanin' and squealin' while I'm drillin'! Ready for the take off, time to break off, all the haters, prepared to shake off! Comin' off smooth, got you fellin' this groove, diggin' my moves, that's how we do when it's time to show & prove!

Final chorus:

Chillin' Reminizzin'

Written By: KOOL KEN

Verse 1: Sittin' back, thinkin', chillin' reminiscin' of my past missin', my childhood, it went so fast I'm wishin', somehow I could change it, somehow rearrange it, take my sons picture and I frame it. Because I know my son is me, I use his body, but give him my eyes so he can see. What's to come to make it better, storms to weather. Long talks and walks and we play together. What's wrong with a smile or laughter, what's the matter? Loving our own, is that a disaster? Nah, nah, I don't think so?! I'm to show! Through love and guidance, my family helped me grow! Although we still have obstacles, don't let em topple ya, keep strivin', keep the dream alive, they can't stop ya bruh! Tunnel vision is not an answer, your talents enhance them. With education the tests of life you'll pass 'em! I'm not prophisizin' or tellin' lies and definitely, not tryin' to win a prize and be known as a token, known for my jokes and sounding like an old record when it's broken...anyway, that's what I tell my son. Hmmm, hmmm....

Chorus: Chillin' reminizzin'...hmmm hmmm repeat 2x

Verse 2: As time goes by, I start to wonder, if we're under, some sort of spell, wake us up with rain and thunder! Because our people are in a trance, just take a glance. With many opportunities, but scared to take a chance? You'd rather be on the block, sellin' ya rock, gettin' popped and gettin' jacked up and runnin' from the cops. That's not our nature, but they make us, kill our own people, while makin' paper, who hates us? You would think we hate ourselves, I think not, the media stop! Negative press, what's the plot? Now ebonics is the key, for you and me? But where's the seperate language for dialects in country? You see my point? Everything is reversed, turned around and conversed, to make it sound authentic it's rehearsed first. When they sell it we buy it, find out the truth then riot. Burn down Beverly Hills? Yeah try it! Stop living in the past, ya goin' to fast! You don't have to live each like it's your last. Yeah, there is a tomorrow, solid not hollow. Look at yourselves, it's our kids that follow. Right behind in our footsteps, what's next? The best generation and then the rest...anyway, that's what I tell my son. Hmmm...hmmm

Final Chorus: Chillin' reminizzin'...hmmm.hmmm Repeat 4x

How Many More?

Written By: KOOL KEN

Intro: How Many More? Gotta Die? How Many More? I Cry! How Many More!

Verse 1: How many more is my question? I gotta ask? The hard way is a terrible lesson! You gotta learn somehow though, I rather learn from books, than from behind bars yo! That's the stereotype, kinda typical. Forget school, be a thug? But the system is trickin' you! Where's ya head at? Ain't even made ya bed yet, behind ya ears is still wet! On ya breath is similac, on the streets you still sellin' crack, the pen or morgue is where you'll end up at! But you ain't hearin' me! Hip hop is fearin' me! Afraid of positivity? That's the conspiracy! Hypocrisy, death and sex sells? While the 50 cents and other sell outs yell? Just to get a quick dolla, a show holla, toss me the keys to your Impala...How Many More?

Chorus: How many more gotta die? How many more, loved ones gotta cry? Tell me! How many more gotta make an excuse, take the abuse for you to see the truth. How many more? Repeat 2x

Verse 2: How many more gotta get shot? On their own block? For whatever reason it's wrong, please stop! Believe it or not, your brainwashed, criss crossed mentally. Break the chain, the chain's off instantly! Now wake up! I know out here is tough, but your strong, you came up rough! I ain't preachin', I'm teachin'! This done gotta hand, now I'm reachin'! Pullin' ya back, to reality, we gotta be, prepared to fight undoubtedly. How many more jails gotta be built? How many more people, gotta get killed? For us to see, we're headed in the wrong direction, like an infection, oozin' now it's time for corrections. Not facilities, but our abilities, we can change the game...You feelin' me? Instead of grillin' me, look inside willingly, the man in the mirror, is he hearin' me? The truth is easy to turn off, afraid to be heard...and I ain't even speaking the word. How Many More?

Chorus: Repeat 2x

Final verse: How many more can we inspire, to strive higher, to reach for the sky, instead of reaching for pariah! The major labels are some liars! With the radio stations, they conspire! Makin' you believe, that hip hop can expire? Hip hop is world wide, we on fire! Burnin' universal, no need to curse you, I put thought in my rhymes, not out to hurt you. It's time to promote education, and intergration, instead of degradation and segregation. How many more soldiers we gonna sacrafice? Is gasoline the reason that we fight? For a lower price? It ain't right! It's time to unite! Come together as one, the black and the white. The rich and the poor, from the coast to the shore, from across the street, to the people next door...How Many More?

Final chorus: Repeat 4x


Money Green Lexxu$ EP & How Many More EP

Keep It Real, The Older The Better, How Many More?, Second Shift, & Money Green Lexxu$ have had radio play. Second Shift most recently on Kiss FM 91.6 (Sweden)

Set List

(3) 45 minute sets

Second Shift
Keep It Real
Show & Prove
Chillin' Reminizzin'
Money Green Lexxu$
Sneak Attakk
Get Away

The Truth
Sukka Ish
Who Do You Love?
How Many More?
Smoke One

The Older The Better
The Rokk!
Put It On Em

Few Old School Funk and R&B covers:

Candy (Cameo)
Be Thankful (Curtis Mayfield)
Just A Touch of Love (Steve rrington)
Flash Light (Parliament)