Dallas, Texas, USA
BandHip Hop

“...smooth and definitely some dope shit to listen to.”
“...dope lyrics, pristine production and a great theme.”
“a jazzy, down-tempo chill session, with KoolQuise’s soft syncopated snarl, leveling
out somewhere between whisper and warning.”


Ever since he listened to “Ready To Die” in ‘97,

Marquis “KOOLQUISE” Warren

has been connected to the boom-bap sounds of hip-hop.

It was only natural that a junior in high school, he combined

his love for the music with his writing skills. His quest to

make the music he loves has been ongoing ever since.

Originally from Dallas, Texas, he moved to Tyler, TX at age

7, where he graduated high school. After that, his journey

to hone his MC skills took him to Austin, before finally

reconnecting with his roots in Dallas.

His work has been recognized to the point of opening for

Kendrick Lamar, Erykah Badu, Mobb Deep & Black Starr.

He’s been a performer at festivals like SXSW, Index Fest,

and 35 Denton, as right-hand/frontman to -topic of

#TeamFromNowhere, but none of those hold a candle to

the shows they throw themselves. Every performance is

uniquely cool, with equal parts turn up and chill, which is

the perfect way to describe Quise.


"The KoolFactor" (Mixtape)
"Life and Times of AC Slater" (Mixtape)
"Small Time Loser" (The Dream Theory) (EP)
"Love Lost in [Translation]"