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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Art for Spastics v.67"

“Effusively enthusiastic youths add an open-minded risk-taking approach of local heroes XBXRX to the ramshackle funnypunk basis of local heroes Panty Raid, and the result has been one of the most exciting and ecstatic debut records of any new Bay Area band of this millenium. It's wild and daring, and sometimes even as darling as Beat Happening at their punkest.” DJ Rick, KDVS - DJ Rick Ele

"Dusted Still Single, Vol. 3"

Fun, sloppy, outsider punk music from young kids in Oakland, who go through the prescribed channels that the lo-fi folks do. It’s spastic and repetitive and brief and favors velocity and noise over great songwriting and a cleancut image … and that’s totally fine. Song titles are somewhat arbitrary and their clear vinyl comes stuck to a double-sided, silkscreened chunk of corrugated cardboard. They yell about possession, possibly with intent to distribute, and also do a song about a “Bop In Wok,” whatever that is. It’s fun and not a lot to digest or think about, and that’s for the best. Garagey, loose, fast, weird; somewhat reminiscent of the Radio X/Rip Off Records school of garage but not of the same pedigree. Go for it. Edition of 500 copies, packaged and sent to you with love when you order from this address: teenpussyiskool@hotmail.com. - Dusted Magazine


KOOL TEEN! - ilovethisbandisrocknroll 7" - 2004

KOOL TEEN! / Militant Children's Hour 7" - 2005

Happiness LP - 2006

Happiness LP - 2010

Happiness LP - 2011



Gabrielle Piazza Patawaran July 2, 1982

Gerard Jocson Patawaran May 22, 1981