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Koom the Ripper

Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States
Band Hip Hop Rock


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"Rock, Funk, And Hip Hop Converge WIth Koom the Ripper’s New Album “American Muscle”"

Rock, Funk, And Hip Hop Converge WIth Koom the Ripper’s New Album “American Muscle”

Posted in General. Written by Eric Hebert on April 8th, 2010

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Multi-faceted hip-hop artist, rapper, at times a singer depending on the hook, all-around descriptive, well-spoken, and delivers the heat in unique style with vocal clarity. Having overcome many obstacles and striving for self-betterment each year, Koom the Ripper brings substance and style to hip hop.

He is concerned with doing justice to the song; not concerned with feeding a starving ego. Diverse subject matter is the foundation for each focused song, featuring head-nodding instrumentals, and fresh delivery on the “American Muscle” record.

Koom The Ripper

Raised in Los Angeles, CA, the artist’s earliest experiences are of being marginalized and oppressed by other kids who spoke loudly, asserted themselves, and marched over him in getting their way. He would stay quiet and let other people force him into playing games he didn’t like, spending time at sleepovers with kids whose characters he despised, and being ridiculed for being fat by people he did not like. As an honest boy, he could not fake his disdain for these acts, so he kept quiet, fearing the ramifications of his burning anger. He sincerely thought “They must really need me to be this person in their lives.”

The quiet, good-hearted boy was labeled “shy,” but he held his tongue because he feared how powerful his mounting anger would be if unleashed on the oppressive personalities who blocked him from developing and being himself. His favorite song on this record is “Don’t Say That Sh*t to Me,” which reflects this upbringing and subsequent experiences with domineering personalities who step on good people. This song aims to speak for individuals who relate to the plight of a good person being hindered by others who capitalize on his character.

Koom the Ripper identifies as Asian American. He studied political science at UCLA, and as of 2010 is a graduate student at USC inspired by social justice and diversity issues. In one of his classes, he did a presentation on Asian American Identity Development, which gave him new “lenses” through which he saw his own experience and that of others who identify as Asian American. In one inspired night, the song “I’m Asian”, featuring vicious, invigorating vocal delivery over menacing drums and guitar riffs, was born.

Koom the Ripper serves candor and fresh perspective with phenomenal flow, content, and rhythms: A product of self-critical efforts to polish his lyrics and delivery, often editing multiple drafts before presenting them to the studio. Koom earned his reputation by spitting fiery freestyles in cyphers, house parties, and on stage with his friends from Slant. On this release, he writes every song with thought, purpose, and reflection on his experiences as a young man pursuing an atypical passion: music from the soul of a man who could do few things better than “speak on it.” Koom the Ripper has performed in Los Angeles most notably at The Joint and On the Rox, striking the souls of hip hop heads and listeners dying for the lively, thought-provoking, emotion-fueled, and at times humorous approach to the circumstances we share, yet seldom reflect upon in music.

Download the Album Sampler Free from Bandcamp!

Inspirations Behind “American Muscle”

“Cheap” is inspired by a female friend who called Koom cheap, inaccurately citing his stinginess with gas. Truth is he was being frugal with his sparse time, choosing not to hang out. Irritated at his character being defamed, Koom considered setting the record straight, opting to celebrate being labeled “Cheap”. After signing a lease on a cheap room by USC, Koom brimmed with satisfaction, penning the song. When Brad heard the raw hook, he improvised the entire guitar melody in one take, and a gem was born.

After dealing with moody male supervisors, loose cannon personalities, and irritable split shifts w/o benefits, Koom was fed up. But he refused to lash out at the boss who bitched him out for no good reason, because Koom valued the paper route over his treatment. Don’t say that sh** to me speaks for the angry, to give voice and power to the cool, hard-working fellows who take too much undeserved shit from others. Koom consulted parts of the New Testament to inspire the first verse.

One day outside LA Fitness, Koom saw a silver 300C on gleaming rims, and a phrase came to his mind in a country-boy accent, “Some good ol’ fashioned American Muscle”. He pulled out his cheap cell phone and recorded it, improvising a guitar riff with his voice. Brad brought the guitar melody to life, and Koom threw extra sauce on his delivery. American muscle evokes the love for muscle cars and good things American.

Blue skies reflects Koom’s improved mindstate, after making life-changing decisions to stop the bullshit dead-end jobs and get a master’s degree in something he’s passionate about. This decision empowered Koom to fulfill his dream of making a full, written record. His dreams were beginning to unfold, and “Blue Skies” is a self-reflection at how things improve when he took action for his future rather than indefinitely putting himself down for past mistakes.

“Curious” was born from the hook, which Koom came up with while hanging out with his then-7 year old brother, Akshay. Never a smooth-talker, Koom’s lyrics empathize with the deserving, yet lonely women who have trouble meeting good men. The melody and flow create an enjoyable, light-hearted, ear-candy tune with jive rhythm.

Koom recorded “Girl got you by the balls” in 2006, after being flaked on by a friend one time too many. Koom sang an angry blues hook in his room, which perfectly captured the sentiment and context of the flake incidents. He recorded it over Gary and Capone’s beat (his brother Amit’s team), wrote the first verse about his friend, and also penned his dad’s and Koom’s own experiences with the women in their lives at the time.

“I’m Asian”, a powerful track speaks volumes for the unspoken truths of people who are not welcome, just trying to be themselves. It was inspired one day in class, when a professor complimented a half-Asian girl and her Caucasian friend for having good style. The half-Asian girl refuted the compliment, saying, “But, I’m Asian,” looking down in self-pity. Koom’s lyrics are inspired by this moment and Asian American Identity Development.

Inspired and influenced by his dynamic friends, Koom could not stand watching them spiral downward. Koom believed that a good friend should speak up, to help friends see things from an outside point of view. He wrote “Didn’t know any better” to reflect on the experiences of two peers and himself as young men who lived beneath their capabilities, because they didn’t know any better.

“Dollaz” was inspired by Koom’s interactions with Akshay, his 7 year old brother, while watching a Michael Jackson video. A stack of dollars popped on the screen, and Akshay remarked, “I want the dollars.”…Koom followed in rhythm, “Whattya gon’ do with it? Whattya gon’ buy with it…” He memorized the hook, and wrote optimistic lyrics of what having dollars contributes to a young man’s life.

“Lilly Ass Hoes” is a concept inspired by Deanna Lau, Koom’s girlfriend. The term refers to people who are afraid to press the envelope in music. “Lilly” means cowardly, and “hoes” refers to play-it-safe types in this song. Koom spits fire blended with furious scratches from doc bLAdez. A banger!

“Do you mind if I smoke” was intended to address Koom’s struggles with smoking cessation. However, the melody and chorus are so upbeat and defiant of social norms against smokers that Koom took a different angle, celebrating being a smoker rather than hiding the fact. This is a standout track with memorable groove.

“Booty in the bag” and I’m bout to bag the booty, written as a play on words, where “bag” is used both as a noun and verb. As an English scholar, Koom found it clever, though no one else concurred. The song was originally recorded in 2006 over Gary and Capone’s production, but re-done with dance-club appeal in 2010. The flow is robotic and free of futile emotion, remnant of a man oozing swagger and machismo in the club. - Evolvor


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