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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Koo Starck at Divers/Cité (August 2006)"

Fifteen-minute radio profile (interview and music tracks) on Koo Starck, in conjunction with the group's involvement with the Sexgarage stage at Divers/Cité (Montreal's high-profile festival of LGBT culture). - CBC Radio 1 / All In A Weekend


November 2007 demo with upcoming signature remixes



For some Koo Starck are orchestral electro disco, for others, heartfelt balladeering. Never mind the bollocks or at least the labels. Koo Starck are about seductive songs of love, longing and life. En anglais et en français, rien de moins.

For once, P. Diddy got it right with his single Jack U. Who are these people on definitions? It's about good music.

Something you can make love to. Something you can rob a bank to. Something you can get married to. Indeed.

For Koo Starck, 'pop' is not a bad word. If it was good enough for The Beatles then it's good enough for them.

Rather, Koo Starck have set themselves a goal amidst the niche marketing, cynicism and 'rebel sell' of today's music: to be part of the future sound of Montreal by crafting songs that defy easy categorization, that transcend genres, and that move the body and stir the heart.

Koo Starck remain a mystery to others as well as to themselves. But of what little we do know, they have been together for four years. Their moniker is inspired by former B-movie film actress and scandalous royal love interest, Koo Stark, and avant-garde industrial designer Philippe Starck. Curious.

Both Stark and Starck built their careers on exuberant contradictions. And so too have Koo Starck: technical agility and computer mistakes, pure pop naïveté and superstar in-fighting, futurism and anachronism...

Two girls, one boy, a synthesizer and a 10cc songbook?

Inspired by an eclectic array of influences, ranging from ABBA and Giorgio Moroder to Mylo and Goldfrapp, Koo Starck fuses contemporary aesthetics with the free spirit of the 1970s... the decade that brought us Leif Garrett and The Ramones. The decade that rose from the innocence of the Jackson 5's 'The Love You Save' to the future shock of Gary Numan's 'Are Friends Electric?'

Nary a sense of nostalgia or kitsch, Koo Starck sincerely wear their hearts on their (designer) sleeves.

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