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koowl Fury

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My brand of music is fresh, non-vulgar lyrical content over the highest quality beats. This will allow my music to reach a very broad audience. With that said, I'm still able to go as hard as anyone... Without the vulgarity!! My groundbreaking style is what makes Koowl Fury's hip hop the future!!


Koowl Fury is a rapper and songwriter originally from Flint Michigan. Currently residing in the Atlanta Georgia metro area, Koowl Fury is working closely with up and coming music producers Chris and Craig Reeves for VIP Sound Circle Entertainment on his upcoming album entitled 'The Era of Koowl'. With influences from life, work, and the general public, Koowl Fury creates the soundtrack to our lives. "As long as I'm in the game, regular people are cool again...Square is in!!", says Koowl Fury. His non-vulgar, but still in your face style is what makes Koowl the leader of the pack. With fresh and forward thinking lyrical content, Koowl Fury is sure to have a lasting impact on hip hop and music in general.


Turn This Life Around (single)