KORA COLOURS are led by RAVI, who was described by SONGLINES as "a walking testament to the success of world music". Ravi is unique in that he performs original songs on kora (west african harp) with his band KORA COLOURS


RAVI has been described as "A walking testament to the success of multiculturalism" by SONGLINES "A VIRTUOSO" by The Times, "A Universal Musician" by the godfather of Brazilian jazz, Hermeto Pascual and " A child of the world' by Verity Sharp of BBC Radio3 . Ravi has played kora (west african harp) since 1985; developed a stereo/electric/aluminium kora; released many albums recorded around the world with leading musicians and worked with Dr John, Nigel Kennedy, Jon Lord, Phil Manzanera and more ; apart from his band KORA COLOURS other live & recording projects include: "Neuneneu" (Humanity) with the Mehenaku Amazonian indians and Brazilian legend Marlui Miranda ; The Afro-Indian Project and solo performances

Perfomances have included: Festivals: WOMAD, Festival Musicale del Mediterraneo, Glastonbury festival, Edinburgh International Harp Festival, Shetland, Belfast and Cork Folk Festivals, Glasgow Mayfest, Hull Jazz Festival, Lamer Tree, Cabo Verde Jazz Festival, Westport Art Festival, The Lizard and The Festival of World Cultures

Venues: Purcell Room, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Eden Project, British Library, Dartington Hall, Band on the Wall, Rosin Dubh, Connoly's of Leap, Wheelans (Dublin) and various arts centres (Garter Lane, Ucheldre, Bridport, Exeter, Mwldan)

Workshops: world music workshops (with a focus on overtone singing) and lectures at various insitutions and arts centres such as Colorado State University; Northfield College, Minneapolis

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Set List

joy, raining, sweet life, journey, diamond lotus, always, nasya