Korai Öröm

Korai Öröm

 Budapest, Budapest, HUN

World beat, manual techno, folkmusic of non-existing folks. Strong rhythms (drums + 2 percussion sets), vision by 2 VJ's, exotic instruments (fuyara, throat singing). Trance, d&b, bigbeat, maximal techno and many etno dance rhythms played all live, with some psychedelic shamanistic flavour


The band Korai Öröm is from Budapest, Hungary, plays instrumental music (progressive tribal-trance-ethno) with VJ artist.

Listen to our concert playlist: http://soundcloud.com/koraiorom/sets

Check our video channel: www.youtube.com/koraioromlive

The band Korai Öröm was formed in 1990.
The band’s new 9th consecutive album recorded in Studio R33 is being released in the first week of March 2010 by the record label 1G Records.

Beyond the well-known dynamic drum and base percussion beats (Viktor Csányi, Zoltán Kilián, János Jócsik, Zsolt Nádasdi), Péter Szalay’s scrapey, rather ethereal and at times metallic guitar melodies are also key features of this album. Naturally, unique tunes played on a fuyara and Jew’s harp by Miklós Paizs also spice up the typical, forever renewing „Korai” melodies, to which the lead singer Tibi Vécsi adds a little something extra. The new keyboard player, Gábor Borosi, once again reproduced an ambiance invoking the atmosphere of psychedelic, electronic, acid parties.
Debut concert was at Gödör klub, Budapest, 13 March 2010 (within the framework of the Backpackers Festival), followed by concerts abroad and in Hungary during spring.

Over the past 20-odd years, Korai Öröm performed on the big stage at the Sziget Festival on 2 occasions and on the Wan2 stage each year, and was also regularly invited to perform at major festivals organised in Hungary (Volt Festival, Tokaj Hegyalja Festival, EFOTT, Balaton Sound). The band equally feels at home when performing at foreign festivals and clubs and over the past 3 years only has hit the stage in various cities located in the following countries: Holland, Italy, Austria, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Romania and Serbia.

VJs accompanying the band have been making concerts even more spectacular ever since the beginning.

The band plays progressive, tribal-trance-ethno style music.

This is what the media has to say: ambient, urban folk music, psychedelic ethno, progressive action music characteristic of the 90s. "Korai Öröm amalgamates the sounds of an array of ethnicities and galaxies in its music, which is indescribably abundant, yet most certainly digestible."


Korai Öröm 93 - MC (Trottel)
Korai Öröm 95 - CD, MC (authors edition)
Korai Öröm 96 - CD, MC, (authors edition)
Korai Öröm 97 - CD, MC(authors edition)
Korai Öröm Edited Versions 94-97 98 - LP, Lollipop Shop, Germany
Recycled (remixes) 98 - CD (authors edition)
Korai Öröm 93 - 96 (the music of the 93 MC and other unreleased works) - CD (Trottel)
Korai Öröm 2000 Sound & Vision - CD+CD-ROM (authors edition)
Korai Öröm 2001 Sound & Vision - CD+CD-ROM (authors edition)
Korai Öröm 2002 - LP (the music of KÖ2001) - Burnt Hippie, Denmark
The life isn't static, why music should be? - music in 'Digital Improvisation' format -(Digimpro)
Reflected (remixes) - CD - 2003 (Periferic Records )
Korai Öröm 2005 - CD+CD-ROM (1 G Records)
Volume Zero - CD (Lollipope Shoppe, D)
Korai Öröm 2009 - CD+CD-ROM (1 G Records)
Korai Öröm 2010 - CD (1 G Records)

O t h e r w o r k s
Music for theatre piece Sanyi, the pilot (d. Peter Halasz) 1996
Music for the movies North, North, Sugarblue (H, 1999) and "Im Juli" (D, 2000),
Music for TV, videos, CD-ROMs and other productions

C o m p i l a t i o n s:
Der Alkemistishe Kongress 1998 (D, Shakaree)
Floralia Vol. 2. 1999 (I, On/Off Records)
Solipse 1999 (D, Shakaree)
Im Juli- Soundtrack 2000 (D, Sony)
New music from Central and Eastern Europe Vol.2 2001 (US, Tamizdat)

Set List

Our pieces are usually 5-10 minutes long. Most of our music is instrumental, our singer uses its voice more like an instrument. Our live sets are 1 - 1,5 hour-long. Tribal drum improvisations are always welcomed by the audience.