Korasong Radio

Korasong Radio

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Three soaring voices in glorious harmony, accompanied by the grooving sounds of the Gambian kora, guitars, bass, kit, melodica and african percussion


KSR lift their voices in a close-harmony often likened to Fleet Foxes or Crosby, Stills and Nash. Crucially though they are also defined by the driving grooves of the Kora and West African rhythms. KSR's music combines real trans-global funkiness with soaring melodies of heart-melting poignancy. It's a genuine collaboration, an exploration of new musical territory brought about by the modern multi-cultural landscapes of both Britain and the Gambia.



Written By: Korasong Radio

Don't you let me go there on my own,
Won't you come with me?

Falling for the Falling-in-love.

I can remember when nobody saw me.
I was looking for something,
Someone to lead me,
Out of the wanting and into the loving.

Don't you let me go there on my own,
Won't you come with me?

Fade to Blue

Written By: Korasong Radio

Did you ever think about me,
Like i think about you?

I've seen your photo,
I wear your ring,
I know you're with me through thick and thin.

Did you ever feel this way,
Feel the tides from day to day?
Blood in my veins, blood in my face,
Do they belong to this time and place?

Mbemba alu (our ancestrors)

Thinking of you, stood in my place,
I stand here now, thinking of you,
Look at the sky, watch them glide,
Follow them rising and
Fade to Blue


Written By: Korasong Radio

Talk to me I can talk to you
My words your words holding through
Ride the currents flock together
Words fly from my mouth like birds

Look for water look for love
Blown like clouds high above
Compass led, drawn on by tides
Words fly from my mouth like birds


Written By: Korasong Radio

I don't like to broadcast my embarrassment,
but I'm putting out this call.
Am I lost?
I am unsure of my position.
Am I lost?


Turning, turning in the widening gyre,
The falcon cannot hear the falconer.


Written By: Korasong Radio

1) Mandinka praise song
2) Hymn to Virgin Mary (English medieval)
3) Gaelic work song


First album: Korasong Radio will be released in September 2011.
Radio play currently underway on National Radio Canada.

Set List

A typical set is 55 minutes, featuring exclusively songs from their forthcoming album. 2 x 45 minute halves also a possibility.
Song titles:
1) Falling
2) Fade to Blue
3) Birds
4) Lost
5) What would you do?
6) Tomorrow today
7) Maki
8) Number
9) Keep silence
10) Here we are