What happens when a collegiate middle linebacker and fullback collide? Korephase. The songs are deep lyrically, and easily identifiable with anyone. Their sound is not only catchy but has attitude as well. One look would make you think they just came from the gym, but this band came to rock.


Not many bands can say they met playing college football. Middle linebacker Glenn Stanton & fullback Tarry Summers collided off the field, they realized their potential as a band. After pulling 2 close friends in on the deal they realized not only were they writing catchy tunes, but lyrically their songs were incredibally deep, powerful, and motivating. Some comparisons in the original music can range anywhere from Audioslave to Three Days Grace to Godsmack. Even with these comparisons no one can deny that Korephase has their very own sound. They have a sound that is appealing to the masses, but still rocks as hard as it gets.


Abandoned Yesterday EP
Takedown, Six Weeks, Capsize, and Easier Said have been played on 99.7 the blitz (Columbus), 107.5 the X (Lima), 103.9 the X (Dayton), and 94.3 (Celina).

Set List

Wake Up Call
Too Long
Choose This Day
Taking on Water
Sincerly Yours
Go It Alone
Painful Expressions
Bleeding Beauty
Watching Analog
Six Weeks
Easier Said

Ranges from one hour to two 45 minute sets depending on the venue.