Kori Linae Carothers

Kori Linae Carothers

 Mission Viejo, California, USA
BandPopAdult Contemporary

Kori's music is an eclectic blend of Tangerine Dream, a pinch Shadowfax with a splash of Mannheim Steamroller that will spirit you away in ElectrACoustic Instrumental Bliss!


Kori’s saga is filled with a love affair for music. From the time she heard the “Beatles” as a child, she knew she wanted to create music. Kori’s parents thought it wise to have her take piano lessons. Her favorite musicians were a mix of Jazz, Rock and Classical sounds which included,Herb Alpert, Led Zepplin, Jethro Tull, Beethoven, Mozart, Shadowfax, Mannheim Steamroller, John Williams, Tangerine Dream and Will Ackerman. Kori chose to create instrumental music that infuses electronic and acoustic sounds. Her main instrument, the piano speaks with clarity, and she also can move effortlessly to the keyboards as well as Native American flute. She is also very proficient programming music software.

Kori’s album “Trillium”was nominated as Zone Music Reporter’s 2009 Album of the Year, and Best Contemporary Instrumental Album.

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Tangled UP IDES

Written By: Kori Linae Carothers

This song was originally mixed in Nashville by Jeff Silverman ( Palette Music, Rick Springfield). He also lends his sound to this song. He is playing lead guitar on this alternate version of Tangled Up.


"Ides of Trillium" Digital EP 2011 - iRoknNod Records
"Trillium" 2009 -iRoknNod Records
"thejourney" 2005 - iRoknNod Records
"The Road Less Traveled" 2004 - iRoknNod Records

Tracks from "Trillium" can be heard on JetBlue, AirTran, Frontier, ExpressJet as well as CMS, Muzak, Sirius XM, Dish CD, Live 365, Network PRI - Echoes, Comcast. Music Choice - Soundscapes.

Current stations playing tracks from Kori's two CDs "The Road Less Traveled" , "The Journey" and "Trillium".

BostonPete.com-Internet Radio
InternetOasisRadio-Live365 Station
George's Jungle-Salmagundi-Live365, Calgary, CAN
CrystalBallroom-Live365 Station
Lady Pantheress Radio-Live365 Station
IridiumRadio-KZYX&ZRadio, CA
Listeneasy.com-Live365 Station
LoveFM-Earth Feeling-Southern Japan
Crosswave-95.9 QuietScapes-Naga City,Philipines
Radio Positive-Internet Radio
Radio Praetoria-Live365 Station
Montana Public Radio-Missoula,MT Oasis/Sojourn
Moods of the Moon-Live365 Station
Mystic SoundScapes Radio-Live365 Station
Mystic Radio-Internet Radio
ProgressiveSoundscapes.com-Internet Radio
RadioKansas-Nighcrossings show
KEUL-88.9 FM Glacier City Radio, Alaska
KCCK- 88.3 FM Cedar Rapids, IA - NightBreeze
KCSN-88.5FM, Galactic Voyager, Northridge, CA
KCUR-89.3- Kansas City, MO- Nightides Show
KESD-NewAgeCollage,SDPR-South Dakota
KFAI Radio- Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN-Wind and Wire
KASU-91.9 Arkansas State U-NightStreams Show
KSBR-88.5 Morning Breeze-Mission Viejo CA/Live365
KTEP-88.5 El Paso, TX-Audiosyncracy
KZION.com-Internet Radio
New Artist Radio Independent Internet Radio
South Dakota Public Radio-New Age Collage
Spirit Within New Age Radio-Live365 Station
The *Cosmic* Island-Live365 Station
The Riverbank-Live365 Station-Belle Plaine, MN
WFCF-88.5Flagler College, St.Augustine, FL
WICN-90.5-Worcestire, MA-Tonal Vision Show
WUSM-88.5 Hattiesburg, MS
WTUL-91.5 New Orleans, LA

More stations are being added all the time.

Set List

Kori's current album"Trillium" is produced by Grammy winner Will Ackerman. Mixed and Mastered by Grammy winner Corin Nelsen. Original mixes by Emmy-Nominated Engineer Jeff Silverman.

Kori performs all of her orginal songs from her CD "The Road Less Traveled" , "The Journey", and "Trillium". She is currently working on new music and performs that as well. She has two programs for different venues. Instrumental for outdoor gigs and larger venues. Her bandmates are involved. Solo piano for smaller venues, like coffeehouses, recital rooms.

Original songs:

A Fathers Dream
Spanish Dance
Summer Wish
Asian Wind
Altered Mind
The Day
The Road Less Traveled
There I Go

The Journey:
For Gabriel
Walking Tall
Desert Crossings
The Healing

Kori also plays new music from her current album "Trillium".

Crystal Fields
Blue Ice
A Ro