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Canadian born singer/songwriter Korin recently returned from her second extended stay in India. Over the years her love of the Indian culture and philosophy has lead her to study and share the teachings of yoga, Sanskrit, chanting and meditation. A professional musician for many years, Korin now combines her love of music and yoga in her life’s work. Whether it is a music festival, kirtan (traditional call and response group chant experience), coffee house, a yoga/chant workshop or singing at a Sunday service, Korin’s music resonates from her heart and into each who experiences her Bhakti (devotion).

For the past eight years Korin has had the privilege of performing at many of Dr. Deepak Chopra’s seminars and lectures. She also helped develop The Chopra Center’s Yoga Teacher Training program in 2004 and Directed the program for one year.

After leaving The Chopra Center, Korin traveled to India and found herself running from the water’s of the tsunami on December 26th 2004. That coupled with her experience of chanting at many different orphanages in India has brought clear to her heart that in this incarnation she is meant to share love through music.

Upon her return from India, Korin released three recordings, a live kirtan chant CD entitled Awakening the Divine, a traditional chant CD entitled Inchanting and a devotional trance CD entitled Entranced. Korin now plays to a wide variety of audiences such as Music Festivals, Coffee Houses, New Thought Churches, Seminars and Workshops. Korin’s sincere nature and angelic voice have made her a success as she travels sharing and teaching her positive messages and playing her music.

Korin resides in the southern California area and travels worldwide to share her music and wisdom.


Truth, Bliss, Secrets to Happiness, Chakra Toning, Awakening the Divine, Inchanting, Intranced.
Listen to MP3's at www.blissed.com. Also can be heard at www.sacredsoundsradio.com