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Debut Album: Lady Luck (March 2007)

Live CD & DVD: Red Live Joint (April 2008)

Sophomore Album: TBA (2009)



Lex Koritni sits at a crowded cafe with a crumpled paper, the fallout of last nights proceedings and several conversations around him competing for attention. It's 3:00pm and he's ordered breakfast with "something strong" to drink. Two nearby suits chat about who should be on a 'hero's list' of Rock Gods and congratulate each other on naming the dead, the buried and the worn out. Suit 2 sips something herbal.
"Yeah, they don't make 'em like they used to..."
Like hell they don't.

So, the lead singer of AC/DC, Brian Johnson, grabs 'Koritni's' album for himself. When you're the king on the throne of every guys Rock Gods list, you get concerned by the notion of competition.

Concern grew for Brian after his rock goddess wife rips the album from his car and to this day refuses to return it.

Koritni (KOR-RIT-nee illiterates) got its name from the lead singer Lex Koritni. Rounding out the band are Luke Cuerden (guitars), D Matt Hunter (bass), Chris Brown (drums) and Eddy Santacreu (guitars). After a European tour and supporting acts like 'The Scorpions' they landed in Sydney to break tracks for a new album "Lady Luck", recorded at 301 studios. In on the project Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Metallica, Aerosmith, Van Halen, Mötley Crüe...) who mixed the album in Canada at Warehouse Studios, and then mastered in New York at Sterling Sound by George Marino (Guns N'Roses, Metallica, Velvet Revolver, AC/DC…you get the idea).

Then another tour...the Europeans' catch on quickly. UK magazine Classic Rock says they're one of the top 10 bands to look out for. Cross Roads Magazine called Koritni, "Catchy as hell", "a refreshing change" with "freakishly precise guitars". French magazine "Rock Hard" chooses "Lady Luck" as album of the month for January 07. Rock One Magazine says "young and amazing rock'n'roll screamer Lex Koritni has destiny in hands" and the band was an "an extraordinary rock bomb". A vintage that "should be sipped and savored". Wild Motorcycles Magazine 07 says "Lex's voice really rocks. Aggressive, a bit like Axl Rose from Guns" and a notoriously hard arse French journo says "I say loud and clear that I love this record". Rock Hard France September 07 said "this band's got enough balls and personality not to fall into a tribute trap", "We admire Koritni's performance, its just amazing" and described the music as "balls to the wall".

So lets understand though, it's nice to be liked lads, but the hats off goes to the thousands of Koritni fans across the world that have packed out over 60 shows spanning 2 years. "Red Live Joint" is the two-disc DVD release paying tribute to the live performances, the places and the people. Over 3 hours of footage, full 15 track CD and special features make this better than a 'thank you' card. Yeah?

With Europe in dizzy love, it's time to set their sights on the rest of the world. This IS an International band that only comes home to sober up, record the next album, retox and set off again to resume the world takeover. Take a look at the list of dates thus far online. Get it, or get out of the way.