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"Another Happy Customer"

"Korova solves one of the problems with hardcore full lengths: keeping them interesting all the way through. The framework of the music is grimy eighties-style hardcore (Pick Your King era Poison Idea?) with pissed-off, yelled vocals. Throughout the experience, different nuances maim and enhance the band's MO: soured noise rock cacophonies, discordant modern chords phrasings, spoken word tracks, and enough literary references to provoke a few visits to Wikipedia. The result is one hell of a gritty and compelling listen from a band that has its boot firmly planted in the ass of the past, but whose bloodshot eyes aim squarely at the future." - Fugitive Equilibrium

"Another Happy Customer - Razorcake"

“Remember thinkin’ the 45 they put out was a nice bit of hardcore in its “we recorded this in the living room” glory, and that assessment would fit nicely here as well. The songs are infused with a bit more Black Flag thud than few others seem to bother with, giving the loose delivery here a bit more heft, and what I can make of the lyrics, they don’t seem overly dopey, which is a blessing unto itself.” - Razorcake

"If There is a Future - Maximum Rock n Roll"

“A fun seven tracks of ripping and crude basement/demo quality hardcore from 2001-2006 Alabama, with a smattering of the late 80s/early 90s Lookout Records style bass melody thrown in and even a ska-ish intro track. Mostly it's fast, blown out hardcore. The low and lower-fi sounds on this record give this a caustic and fresh edge, with the first track "Clockwork" being a total ripper. The lyrics are mostly complaints about the punk scene and punk scene politics, which I find amazing--in the 8 or 9 years I spent in Alabama involved in the punk scene there was a whole world of shit and rednecks outside to complain about and no punk scene, so I guess you don't always want what you wish for. Slapped together xerox packaging with ripped off Frank Miller artwork and more complaints about the punk scene. Limited to 400 on color splattered vinyl”
- Maximum Rock n Roll

"If There is a Future - Razorcake"

“Medium-fi hardcore stuff (some of it sounds like it was recorded during practice) that is solid nonetheless and manages to make some very pointed, very valid observations about the state of segments of the punk/hardcore scene. Decent stuff in all, with lots more going on than simplistic thrash-thrash-thrash.” - Razorcake

"Another Happy Customer - Suburban Voice"

Korova's style of hardcore punk doesn’t follow any set blueprint. On this album, there’s an abundance of thorny anger. Howls from the gut and a dollop of Black Flag-ish damage on the slower songs and even the bluntness of The Nihilistics at times. They go between hammering ugliness and bursts of speed. It wraps up with the heavy ‘n epic crawl and bash of “Factor X.” I haven’t heard too many good bands from Alabama and these guys are an exception. I’m guessing there’s a lot of political retrogression in their state and if I lived there, I’d probably want to express myself the same way as these three guys. - Al Quint


"Ultra Violence" demo 2002
"It's Already Begun" demo 2003 (the song "Let's Kill Some Klansmen Tonight" from this demo was played on local radio)
"If There Is a Future" 7" EP 2006
"Another Happy Customer" CD 2009 - - Tracks from this record have been featured on the Sonic Overload Radio show (Boston), the Schultz Show on KDVS (Davis, CA) and have been added to regular rotation on Hussieskunk Internet Radio and Streetblast Internet Radio.

“Nazis Ruined Shaved Heads” on “Streets of America” CD
“Clockwork” and “Right to Choose” on “We Did It Our Own Way: Punk Rock From Dixieland” CD
“Nazis Ruined Shaved Heads” on “Nazis Make Good Targets” CD (Slovenia)
“Factotum” on “Punk Rock America” CD



Korova started in late 2001/early 2002 (depending on who you ask) and have made it through line-up changes, high school, several moves in and out of state, shitty attitudes, and being general broke assholes. Scenepointblank.com said that their first 7" (If There is a Future) "stinks of being of punk and DIY just like the old days" and the band responded by quoting the review in an ad in Maximum Rock n Roll. They've been banned from more venues than they've been allowed back at. They take everything way too seriously and hate it when people write bios about them because it makes them feel like pompous assholes.