Hardcore punk from Birmingham, Alabama rooted in 80s hardcore like Black Flag and Minor Threat with more spastic overtones and heavy sludge and powerviolence influence.


Korova started in late 2001/early 2002 (depending on who you ask) and have made it through line-up changes, high school, several moves in and out of state, shitty attitudes, and being general broke assholes. Scenepointblank.com said that their first 7" (If There is a Future) "stinks of being of punk and DIY just like the old days" and the band responded by quoting the review in an ad in Maximum Rock n Roll. They've been banned from more venues than they've been allowed back at. They take everything way too seriously and hate it when people write bios about them because it makes them feel like pompous assholes.



Written By: Ian Wise

I wake up with a heavy head
And force myself out of bed
Early to bed, early to rise
To get out and make another compromise

This is supposed to be freedom
But this life is just prison
Without bars
I made a compromise
Somewhere back there I can't remember when
And here I am just settling
For less and less every day

I wake up with a weight around my neck
To a world that gives me no respect
A penny saved is a penny earned
But I've got nothing left
After the world's turned

I wake up and keep giving
Hoping for some profit share
This isn't a life worth living
And you think that they care?

Degrassi Fight Music

Written By: Ian Wise

All I was ever told was that I'm wrong
And all I ever knew was that there's no place I belong
Because the world is not my fucking stage
I live behind bars and my world is a cage
I'm locked in tight and I can't find room to breath
And I can fucking fight but it will never set me free

There's no future out there for me
It's a wasteland as far as the eye can see
And there's nowhere for me to go
As far as I can tell
I'll never find heaven
But I'm living in hell

An Seanachai

Written By: Ian Wise

I drank myself into an oblivion
And stumbled to the sidewalk
Fumbling my lighter and a fresh Lucky Strike
I cursed the night sky
Hidden behind the street light
And felt a warmth explode in my lungs
As the smoke exaggerated my breath

I looked down in a shoe gazers stance
And witnessed the hollowed ground
Through my glass of porter
I just need another round

A Season in Hell

Written By: Ian Wise

I have seen the bottom
And I know how it feels
I scraped my palms on rocky ground
as I skidded on my heels
The abyss of my future
And the dark light of my past
Meet me somewhere in the middle
And my candle's burning out fast
Look outside to a dark and empty world
Turn inside to provide the light that it lacks
But you're melting inside on yourself
And your fingers are burning from the wax


"Ultra Violence" demo 2002
"It's Already Begun" demo 2003 (the song "Let's Kill Some Klansmen Tonight" from this demo was played on local radio)
"If There Is a Future" 7" EP 2006
"Another Happy Customer" CD 2009 - - Tracks from this record have been featured on the Sonic Overload Radio show (Boston), the Schultz Show on KDVS (Davis, CA) and have been added to regular rotation on Hussieskunk Internet Radio and Streetblast Internet Radio.

“Nazis Ruined Shaved Heads” on “Streets of America” CD
“Clockwork” and “Right to Choose” on “We Did It Our Own Way: Punk Rock From Dixieland” CD
“Nazis Ruined Shaved Heads” on “Nazis Make Good Targets” CD (Slovenia)
“Factotum” on “Punk Rock America” CD

Set List

Our set list is typically short (less than 20 minutes), but we are able to play about 45 minutes of originals. Covers are rare, but hover mostly around 80s hardcore standards with some notable exceptions. We've done a couple of thrash versions old Specials songs and a by-the-book cover of "Dear Hearts" by the Murder City Devils.