Kory Burns

Kory Burns

 North Palm Beach, Florida, USA

My music represents where I am in my life as a 21 year old. I love to put on a show for the fans and give them music that they can relate to. No matter your age or musical preference I have a song for everyone.


Don’t let the five octave vocal range and good looks fool you, Kory Burns is much more than just the latest pretty boy pop singer on the scene. “Count the Ways” marks the recording and songwriting debut of one of the most promising members of Betty Wright’s M.O.S.T. boot camp for aspiring artists. “This song was originally recorded because I wanted to surprise my friends at school with a song by me on the mix for our party bus,” explains Kory. “Sean asked me if I knew Shakespeare’s famous line ‘How do I love thee’ and I told him that we wouldn’t be studying that until my senior year. But we created this song, and I instantly felt connected to it.”

21 year-old Kory has been singing since he was a toddler when his single mom would play Mariah Carey and other favorites to keep him entertained in the car. He took the standard route of aspiring singers; vocal lessons, school chorus, etc. However, Kory’s passion for music and artistic determine proved he was anything but average, especially when he was dismissed from his high school chorus over “creative differences”. Undaunted, Kory’s impromptu audition for Betty Wright when she passed through his uncle’s Christmas tree lot a couple of years ago won him a spot in her invitation-only music training camp putting him firmly on the path to the career he’s dreamed of most of his young life. With Betty’s support Kory has already showcased his talents on some of South Florida’s biggest stages including Zo’s Summer Groove and the Miami Music Festival.

“Count the Ways” is a family affair; co-written and produced by Kory’s fellow M.O.S.T. members Ralph Jeanty & Sean McMillion and released on Betty Wright’s Ms. B label. Kory is excited about the opportunity to represent for the M.O.S.T. and his legendary mentor. “She’s a legend and knows real talent, and to know that she believes in me means the world. I will not let her down.”

Already a making waves with local club djs, the single goes to radio officially Friday, November 4th and hits digital retailers November 15, 2011. “I just wanted a song that could make you happy and want to dance and smile; and I think we created that with Count the Ways.”


1st single - Count The Ways - Release date NOV.15TH 2011

LP - Count The Ways - Release Date coming soon.

Set List

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Count The Ways