Kory Istace VS The Time Pirates

Kory Istace VS The Time Pirates

 Regina, Saskatchewan, CAN

An emotionally observational lyrical style is punctuated by psychedelic rock and country influenced musicianship. Always a festival favourite. Instrumentation includes banjo, mandolin, stand-up bass, acoustic and electric guitars, mixing traditional styles with modern ingenuity.


Kory Istace has been performing his brand of renegotiated folk music at festivals and venues around Western Canada for over nine years, sharing stages with some of Canada's favourite touring acts. He has collaborated with the Time Pirates since 2007, playing stages at The Regina Folk Festival, The Gateway Festival, The Ness Creek Festival, South Country Fair, Field Festival, and at countless venues from Saskatoon to Cadillac, and Calgary to Winnipeg.
After five years, and three full-length albums, Kory Istace and the group have established themselves as one of the most prolific bands in Saskatchewan. Their affinity for genre exploration is self-evident throughout their discography. On the their latest disc, there are resonances of country, bluegrass, folk, blues, rock, and doo-wop. The songwriting and delivery of Kory is a strong highlight of a talented group. His lyrics depict universal truths in an undeniably personal manner, and he delivers them with a conviction that few can replicate.


"No Mo Wo" (2011)

Kory Istace VS The Time Pirates -
"Tie Me To The Tracks" (2009)

Kory Istace and The Time Pirates -
"Sharp Teeth" (2007)

Frequent radio airplay on 91.3 FM CJTR (Regina)
and also on 88.9 FM CKXU (Lethbridge)

Set List

Interstellar Rodeo Clown
Revolving Doors
Armaggedon The Hell Outta Here
Memphis 2008
Healing Wounds
I've Been Missin' You ('cause my aim ain't what it used to be)
Have to See
The Ballad of Iron Jim
Sandy Bay
It's o.k. to be Scared
Grasshoppers and Bumperboats