kory livingstone

kory livingstone

 Concord, Ontario, CAN

"Kory Livingstone... the beginning of something very special!.. the next sensational male singer in terms of the standards in Jazz & soft Jazz"


HOMETOWN: Toronto,Canada.
MUSIC TRAINING: 1.Royal Conservatory of Music(piano & composition)
2.Jazz piano studies with the late Allan Ray(one time accompanist to Billie Holiday)
3.Wilfred Laurier University (music)

MUSICAL INFLUENCES Thelonius Monk; Bill Evans; Arnold Schoenberg;

Early on in Kory’s career, he was fortunate to meet Ray Carrol, an original member of the Platters. Ray took Kory under his wing helped him develop his voice and learn the finer points of being a professional entertainer.
Kory went on to study voice with other prominent voice coaches, including a Hazzan, who taught him how to sing in the “Bel Canto “ style.

As a singer/songwriter Kory has released 5 CD's, on hios own label, Crestant Records.

Kory has developed a tribute concert to the Nat King Cole Trio, that continues to draw large audiences wherever he presents it.

A multi-talented musician. An experienced professional, he continually displays the competence, skill, & artistry of a real “pro” in any type of venue... concert halls, corporate/private events, clubs.

His performance formats are; piano-vocal soloist; jazz trio; dance band. His repertoire runs the gambit from Duke Ellinton to Billy Joel including his original material!


danger, hi voltage !

Written By: kory livingstone

She appeared unto me out of the great big blue
And I stared as she strolled down the avenue
With her head held so high,in an air of such grace
Yes she’s the kind of a woman you’d love to embrace
What a work of art thou art dear
I can’t believe it
You look just like heaven to me

My world stood still, I saw my dreams in her eyes
It’s so new to me I was mesmerized
The sun danced merrily through her long soft hair
There’s an uneasy feeling the devil- may- care
Better watch your step they told me
They don’t believe it
You look like danger they say

Danger high voltage, look out below
Dangerous curves up ahead,
and for Pete’s sake, Look out for those falling tears

Get a hold of yourself just in your dreams they rue
Not a ghost of a chance would i stand with you
But I wish that I may, and I do wish that I might
Wish on the first star that bright star I’ve seen tonight
This could be my lucky day dear
I can’t believe it
You look just like heaven to me

There are times in our lives, into everyone’s life
When our destiny looms like a two-edged knife
You must follow that dream whatever come though it may
I know my feet,they won’t fail me,they’re not made of clay
I can’t believe it
Win or loose I’m going in dear,I can’t believe it
You look like heaven to me

the poet

Written By: kory livingstone

He takes his chair next to the window
A thousand cares press on his mind
Speculating the rhymes he’ll write
Will he find the key tonight

I watch his pen voice his reflections
The words fall soundless on the page
And in the mindfulness of times gone by
His soul cries out for all to hear

** *I’ll make you cry a thousand tears of joy
I write the words that speak the truth
I’ll give you strength when you are feeling weak
And so the poet writes his tale

And in the shelter of his solitude
He fashions reasons, words & rhymes
That help us get through yet another day
We read his words to find our way

you were in my eyes

Written By: kory livingstone

I've heard it said a thousand times
With fancy words and cleaver rhymes
In the sad, sad ( low down blues) songs that the lonely sing
That soothes the pain (tears) in (of) their broken hearts
That love is a sometimes
And love is a strange kind of thing

And when I last lay me down to sleep
I pray the dreams of you I keep
In my memory under loves gone by
We’ll meet again in that tender place
Where love is a sometimes,
where love is a strange kind of thing

***When love smiles it’s the sun on your shoulders
Feel it grow cold icy the wind blows on your back
That’s he price you must pay to be a champion of love
You must take both the bitter & the sweet

I didn’t know
I didn’t have a clue
I didn’t see love come to me
I didn’t see love run to me
I didn’t stand a chance cause
You were in my eyes dear
I couldn’t see love
For looking in your eyes

You looked at me
I stared straight back at you
I stood there frozen breathlessly
Under your a spell so helplessly ( caught in a trance so tenderly)
I didn’t hear the bells ring ( I couldn’t say a word)
You were in my eyes dear ( my arms longed to hold you)
I couldn’t see (speak) love
For looking in your eyes

***The world may come, and it may go
So they've gone to the moon
There are far more important things that we must really do
As we promise to one another silently,

And deep in our eyes we cling to you and me ( a promise fairly lays)
I wonder if you feel like me (you take my innocence form me)
Plucked by the wind (breeze) so tenderly
They say the birds sang sweetly( How soft the warm breeze blowing)
On that summer’s eve dear
I didn’t hear love
Cause you were in my eyes


Kory has his own recording and publishing company, Crestant Records, that he uses to promote his CD’s.
Juno 2000 Award List Nominee for best Jazz vocalist and best Jazz instrumental CD.
1.The Poet.. piano instrumental , that has received air play since 1991
2.Kory Livingstone.. self-titled CD featuring some of Kory's original instrumental songs. It has recieved steady air play since 1992
3.They Say It's Wonderful.. CD of collection of jazz standards plus original tunes. This CD was Juno 2000 Award List Nomination
4. You Were in my Eyes..This is a CD of original songs that Kory has high hopes for.
5. Three Billy Goats Gruff.. This CD is Kory's rendition of the this classic fairytale retold with his original songs.

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Set List

Lock Stock & Barrel
You were in my Eyes
Danger High Voltage
The Poet
Day Spring
Trouble in Mind
Love is a Strange & Sometimes Kind of Thing
Joy To You
Someday He'll Return
Mrach Past
Blues for Mary
On the Edge
Blue ConeXion

sweet lorraine
pick yourself up
mona lisa
frim fram sauce
that sunday , that summer
nature boy
lazy hazy crazy days of summer
don't get around musch anymore
when I fall in love
straighten out & fly right
route 66
thou swell
peope will say were in love
on the street where you live
christmas song
body & soul
just one of those things
put 'em in box
I'm in the mood for love

COVER SONGS:( a brief sampling)
Satin Doll
All of me
Black Magic Woman
Ain't no Sunshine
Girl from Ipanina
Midnight Hour
Lady's a Tramp
Knock on Wood
All of Me
Great Balls of Fire
My Funny Valentine
You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine