Korynn O'Connell and The Knockouts
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Korynn O'Connell and The Knockouts

San Francisco, CA | Established. Jan 01, 2007 | SELF

San Francisco, CA | SELF
Established on Jan, 2007
Duo Pop Alternative


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"Single Premiere: Korynn O'Connell - "Coast to Coast""

Music, Singles, The Revue — February 12, 2016 at 8:00 am
Single Premiere: Korynn O’Connell – “Coast to Coast”

by Ben Yung

In the past year alone, we’ve come across some amazing vocalists. These are artists whose voices just took our collective breath away. Artists who made our knees shake and even crumble from the very first word they sang. As a result, we will never forget their names. Cloves. Bitter’s Kiss. Keeva.

Add the name Korynn O’Connell to the list. The northern California native was born to be a musician. She was born to perform. At the age of 6, she did her first show. She’s performed at Disneyland and participated in choirs. She headed of to Canada’s indie music capital of Montreal to study and refine her talents. She’s now back in San Francisco, taking everything she’s learned to write and produce her debut album.

The first single and the title track is the lovely “Coast to Coast”, which we are pleased to premiere today. The track was written while she was in Montreal, and it is a song about home. It is a song for all of us who have been separated from loved ones too long, where an ache grows in the heart and an emptiness builds. These emotions are depicted in O’Connell’s sultry voice, which is gorgeous yet vulnerable and gives this simple, acoustic number its vitality and its soul. In some ways, “Coast to Coast” is a love song, not your typical Valentine’s Day ballad but still one that proclaims one’s love to all those whom we hold dear.

Korynn will share the video for “Coast to Coast” on Sunday – Valentine’s Day. The EP will be released on March 1st. Check her social media sites for purchasing details.

Website – www.korynnoconnell.com
Facebook – Korynn O’Connell
Twitter – @korynnoconnell
Instagram – @korynnoconnell

Author: Ben Yung
Just an ordinary guy with a day job who loves finding new music, attending shows, and meeting people who love music, too. And it is true, I cannot grow a beard. But it just means that despite my age, I still get carded. Follow me on Twitter - twitter.com/BenjamenYung - The Revue

"Korynn O'Connell"

Bay Area songstress Korynn O'Connell has crooned her way into our hearts here at Play Pretend. As a recent graduate of SF State, O'Connell has pushed herself out of academia's nest and is proudly soaring to new heights. Her specialty is producing painfully honest lyrics and drizzling them with her honey coated vocal stylings. We've sure got a sweet tooth. Her complete EP Coast to Coast is now available on iTunes. Listen here first! - Play Pretend

"A Mojito With... Korynn O'Connell"

We had a quick chat with San Francisco singer songwriter (and total babe) Korynn O’Connell about what’s coming up for her, her dream festival line up, and her new EP, Coast to Coast.

Hello, Korynn, How’s it going?

Hey! It’s going great.

Where are you at the moment?

Currently chillin’ in my room in San Francisco, CA.

So, your EP, Coast to Coast, is available now. Can you describe your music in three words.

Hmm… that’s always tough one. Soul dream pop.

Nice! Your music is pretty soulful. Tell me a little about what’s inspired you?

Everything around me! People, stories, art and of course music. I love listening to all styles of music from house to rap and I really like listening to lyrics.

Favourite venue to play in? What’s so great about it?

My favorite venue I’ve played in so far has definitely been F8 in San Francisco! That’s where I had my release party last month for my EP, Coast to Coast. We had a ton of great artists come to play and everyone had a fun time! Easily my favorite show to date.

What’s in the pipeline for you over the next little while?

I’ve just released my first EP so I’ve been doing a ton of gigs to promote it. I’m really excited about playing my first music festival next month, it’s called Summer Freedom Music Festival in Reno! Tons of different bands playing and it’s taking place at a Burner (people who go to Burning Man) hotel so there will be a ton of art and Burning Man enthusiasts. I’m stoked to check it out! I also have a full length album in the works, I’m finishing up the writing and excited to move on to the production stage soon!

It’s festival season. If you could play any festival in the world, which would it be?

I’m going to have to go with Coachella, I’ve always wanted to go to that festival but I’ve told myself I’m going to wait until I’m an artist there!

I’d LOVE to go to Coachella! That’s a bucket list festival for me, too. Whilst we’re talking festivals, let’s play Fantasy Festival Lineup. Three (or more) artists (living or dead) that would make your life if you could see them one after the other on one stage… Go!

Amy Winehouse, Lana Del Rey, and Porter Robinson.

I’d be down for that show for sure! Thanks for taking part, Korynn!

Check out Korynn’s gorgeous EP, Coast to Coast, on Spotify, and follow her on instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud

Official Website: www.korynnoconnell.com - Slap and Pop

"Lodi’s Korynn O’Connell performs covers, original songs"

Posted: Friday, November 14, 2014 7:38 am
By Sara Jane Pohlman/Lodi Living Editor
Every Saturday night, crooners and music makers come out to the winebars and tasting rooms of Lodi’s Downtown to add a live soundtrack to the scene.
This weekend, one of those singers will be a native daughter of Lodi.
Korynn O’Connell will perform at Wine Social on School Street, accompanied by her father, Kevin O’Connell. The 2011 Tokay High School graduate has been singing for 15 years and is currently working toward a business marketing degree at San Francisco State University.
We caught up with 21-year-old O’Connell, who performs covers of artists like Lana Del Ray and Amy Winehouse and is also working on recording her own original tracks.
Tell me about the first performance you remember.
The first time I sang for anyone, outside of my dad, we had some family over. I had to sing, “Who Will Save Your Soul?” by Jewel in a room with my dad and everyone else had to stand outside. I was too nervous to have them in the room.
When did you start writing your own songs?
I used to write in high school, then I didn’t write anything for two years.
I came from my house, where my dad and I played all the time, then at SF State I didn’t know anyone who was doing music.
I took a break from writing music, but studying abroad in Montreal motivated me to return. I joined the choir at Concordia University with Jerry Brown. I realized it’s what I want to do.
What inspires your music?
It depends. It’s whatever is going on in my life at the moment. You know, heartbreak and stuff.
My most recent song is about San Francisco. I was in the car with my dad, driving in the Bay Area for first time since going to Canada heading into Berkeley.
Why study marketing instead of something that matches your creative pursuits?
I chose business over music. With marketing, I can market myself as an artist. I’m into fashion, too, so this is a degree I can take with me anywhere. I’m a singer-songwriter type, writing lyrics and melodies. That’s the main goal. I’m not doing opera.
Where are you in the recording process? Are you working on an album?
It’s a work in progress right now. I’m aiming to get 15 songs done. I don’t know if I’d release an album or a single, but it’s an interesting process. I’m taking advice as I go.
What do you enjoy about singing?
I like the writing side more. I’m able to get everything out and touch other people. It’s not a feeling I can get from anything else. I love performing and being on stage.
It’s hard to explain. It’s just a feeling you get. Why not do it while I’m young, and I can? - Lodi News Sentinel

"Lodi Singer"

This is a live video aired on Good Day Sacramento. - Good Day Sacramento


Coast to Coast EP - 2016



At an early age Korynn displayed a passion for music. With her father Kevin O’Connell at her side-playing guitar, Korynn started performing at the age of 6. The early years consisted of choir shows and performances at Disneyland. Eventually, the Knockouts band was formed with Korynn as the lead singer. The Knockouts performed at multiple charity events, wineries, weddings, bars and cafes. As of late, Korynn has continued to follow her love of music at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. Here she worked with her vocal coach, jazz singer Jeri Brown. She has now returned to San Francisco, California where she recently earned a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing and now will turn her attention to continuing her music career. She just released her first EP, "Coast to Coast" in April 2016 and is now in the production stages of her second EP, "Lines" to be out December 2016. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay updated!

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