Kosmonaut is a guitar driven rock band with a keen pop sensibility and a diverse range of influences that span from The Beatles to The Smashing Pumpkins. Through high-energy performances, Kosmonaut brings a level of uniqueness and sophistication rarely associated with the pop-rock genre.


After a year of seclusion and a seemingly never ending stream of recording sessions, Kosmonaut is set to release their new self-titled full-length album in mid November. Recorded at four separate locations, spanning from Stoney Creek, Ontario all the way to Tyler, Texas, the album features a unique collection of ten songs that showcases the band's versatile songwriting and guitar-driven brand of pop-rock. With a wide range of influences including The Beatles, The Smashing Pumpkins and Weezer, the band has developed a distinctive sound that fuses catchy melodies and memorable lyrics with sophisticated instrumental arrangements.

While the Hamilton-based band found its beginnings as a side project, it quickly became each band members’ primary focus, leading to the eventual release of their debut EP, Vostok-1, in the spring of 2006. Following the release, the band spent several months playing shows throughout southern Ontario in support of the effort, opening for such acts as The Junction and Cain and Abel. However, amidst initial planning to record the album in the summer of 2007, the band underwent several member changes and numerous auditions before settling on the current line-up consisting of the brothers Brian (guitar) and Brent (vocals, bass) Wirth, longtime friend and former band mate Mike Ivanco (guitar, vocals), fellow co-worker Joe Mahony (drums) and recently-acquainted James Morrallee (keyboard).

Beginning in August 2007 at the band’s home studio in Stoney Creek, the recording sessions for the album eventually found their way to Sundown Studio in Guelph. Here, the band had the opportunity to work with up-and-coming producer and engineer Jordan Valeriote, who recorded vocal tracks and mixed the album. Mastered by Chuck Carvalho at the renowned João Carvalho Mastering facility in Toronto, the album also features guest vocals by the young and talented singer-songwriter Christie DuPree, sister to four of the five members of the Texas-based band Eisley.

Now with a complete, solidified line-up and brand new album under their belts, the band is set to embark on a string of tour dates across Ontario, eventually making their way to Canada’s east coast in the summer of 2009, to support their newest effort. The self-titled full-length album, which marks a slight departure and newfound maturity in the band’s sound, is scheduled to hit stores and online retailers on November 18th.

Official Contact Info:

265 McNeilly Rd.
Stoney Creek, ON
L8E 5H2

(905) 643 - 2501



Speed Of Light

Written By: Brent Wirth

Don’t stand back and watch time pass by
Get it back for one more fight
You’ve got set backs and mistakes to

Don’t stand back and watch life pass by
Take a second to get things right
Realize success don’t happen

If time's not stopping then I’m not stopping now
I’ll never stop until my heart stops beating
I’ll never stop until my brain stops dreaming
I’ll never stop until the clock stops ticking away

It’s not going to be for a while

Don’t stand and watch time pass by
When every second's the speed of light
Realize that life's not just some

Hello Future

Written By: Brent Wirth

Today is all we need to change the things tomorrow brings
And it’s a shame that no one really cares to say hello to you
Today is war and hate, guns and flags, increased death rates
And it’s just fine I guess we’ll all see the truth in the next few years

How long until it’s all changed?
Tomorrow please come

Hello future, I hope you will be soon
Hello future, I hope you won’t be ruined

Today is blight and lewd, apathy and fast food
And it’s just fine I guess we’ll all see the truth in the next few years

Today is almost gone
Tomorrow has come


Written By: Brent Wirth

Sit back, hold tight, you’ve gotta make the next few stations
People piling out, all their bodies forming constellations
Locomotion, no emotion today

Set back on rusty heels, let’s forget about our destination
With a simple slight of hand, I’m not dealing with the expectation
Locomotion, no devotion today

But I’m still here, but then, this Saturday night I’ll be gone
This Saturday night I’ll be gone away from here

And I failed to pretend that your love was just an oscillation
Ringing in my ears like just another complication
Locomotion, no devotion today

I wanna stop, I wanna stop, but I keep turning
I wanna stop, I wanna stop, but this junction is changing
I wanna stop

Locomotion, no devotion
Constant state of constant motion

Gravity (Safe And Sound)

Written By: Brent Wirth

My heart drops when gravity pulls down
Tessellating at the speed of sound
So take me down
And let me get my feet back on the ground

With so many problems we can’t let go of things for too long
Though some may say…

It’s a long way down
Straight across the divine
And when you’re safe and sound
I’ll be calling your name
It’s a long way down

My heart stops when gravity pulls down
Sinks into my chest without a sound
So take me down
And let me get my heart back safe and sound

With so many problems we can’t ignore these things for too long
Though some may say…

Let me get my feet back on the ground

Disconnected hearts from bodies
Makes my hands seem more ungodly
So I trace every vein in my bloodshot eyes
Back to a vision of our lives

Popcorn Waltz (Featuring Christie DuPree)

Written By: Brent Wirth, Danny Huh

How long I wait to see this become just what it is
I watch the numbers count themselves despite their irrelevance
And I will wait this out

How long I wait to hear this three seconds of silence
It emerges slowly from the scalding violence
And I will wait this out

I can’t understand the way things are
And understand I never planned to go this far
And I will wait this out


Vostok-1 (EP) [2006]
Kosmonaut [2008]

Set List

The band's typical set length is 30 to 45 minutes.
The band is also able to play longer sets of up to 90 minutes.