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"Vostok-1 (EP) Review"

Hamilton, Ontario's Kosmonaut are one of those bands that rehearses in the studio, records an EP worth of songs, and then prepare it to be sold at their very first show. Brothers Brent Wirth (bass and vocals) and Brian Wirth (guitar) run their own studio, but this kind of effort still goes a long way as a display of the band's determination to get it right before playing their first gig.

After listening to opening track "Gimn Sovetskovo Soyuza," which is sung partly in Russian, I was afraid Kosmonaut was gonna be a full-out Russian band, without any actual Russians. Fortunately the lo-fi anthem, which is nevertheless an enjoyable listen, is followed by something much more developed. "Revolution Never Comes Without A Few Dead Friends" and "Popcorn Waltz" are both great examples of the eerie indie pop that results from the bright guitar jabs and keen noodling, backed by retro keys. "12:34" slows down the pace, but showcases Brent's ability to lunge for high notes as well as sooth the listener with a calm lower range, to create a melodically rewarding song. "Finding Our Way Home" is even better, rounded out with what sounds like a banjo, subtle ambient harmonies and a harmonica. This is my favorite song on the disc. To close off the EP, "Turn Right" is a toe-tapping exploration of keyboard washes, dueling guitars and backbeats.

Production-wise, this EP has a lot of good ideas and songs are set apart well by them. But from the sounds of things, these guys will do quite well for themselves if they keep things up. Recommended tracks are "Popcorn Waltz" and "Finding Our Way Home." - The Music Appraisal


Vostok-1 (EP) [2006]
Kosmonaut [2008]



After a year of seclusion and a seemingly never ending stream of recording sessions, Kosmonaut is set to release their new self-titled full-length album in mid November. Recorded at four separate locations, spanning from Stoney Creek, Ontario all the way to Tyler, Texas, the album features a unique collection of ten songs that showcases the band's versatile songwriting and guitar-driven brand of pop-rock. With a wide range of influences including The Beatles, The Smashing Pumpkins and Weezer, the band has developed a distinctive sound that fuses catchy melodies and memorable lyrics with sophisticated instrumental arrangements.

While the Hamilton-based band found its beginnings as a side project, it quickly became each band members’ primary focus, leading to the eventual release of their debut EP, Vostok-1, in the spring of 2006. Following the release, the band spent several months playing shows throughout southern Ontario in support of the effort, opening for such acts as The Junction and Cain and Abel. However, amidst initial planning to record the album in the summer of 2007, the band underwent several member changes and numerous auditions before settling on the current line-up consisting of the brothers Brian (guitar) and Brent (vocals, bass) Wirth, longtime friend and former band mate Mike Ivanco (guitar, vocals), fellow co-worker Joe Mahony (drums) and recently-acquainted James Morrallee (keyboard).

Beginning in August 2007 at the band’s home studio in Stoney Creek, the recording sessions for the album eventually found their way to Sundown Studio in Guelph. Here, the band had the opportunity to work with up-and-coming producer and engineer Jordan Valeriote, who recorded vocal tracks and mixed the album. Mastered by Chuck Carvalho at the renowned João Carvalho Mastering facility in Toronto, the album also features guest vocals by the young and talented singer-songwriter Christie DuPree, sister to four of the five members of the Texas-based band Eisley.

Now with a complete, solidified line-up and brand new album under their belts, the band is set to embark on a string of tour dates across Ontario, eventually making their way to Canada’s east coast in the summer of 2009, to support their newest effort. The self-titled full-length album, which marks a slight departure and newfound maturity in the band’s sound, is scheduled to hit stores and online retailers on November 18th.

Official Contact Info:

265 McNeilly Rd.
Stoney Creek, ON
L8E 5H2

(905) 643 - 2501