Alamosa, Colorado, USA
BandHip HopLatin

We are a group of Young Gospel Rappers trying to preach the gospel of Christ to our Hispanic and American Community and help them build the personal Relationship that they Need.


We all come from broken families and we are a living proof that there is a God, Our main Influences are The pain and the Suffering in the world and the love of Jesus The Christ, We been through Hell so we know that there is a Heaven, God turned our lives around and we want to give back by reaching the young community and bring them to christ, You can call us Preachers, cuz thats what we are but we do it with music, we have a priorities straight and we know that is for the Glory of God N not the Fame because our reward is in Heaven, we do spanish and English Rap we are a New Gospel Group but we want to grow old doing this,


Confessions Of A Sinner

Written By: K.O.T.K.

DX3: This is my confession of my obsesion with lust
adicted to pornagraphy and still paying the cost
on my knees in repintens Lord for I done it again
i gave into temptation even though it wasn't my plan
My spirit is weak and my flesh keeps telling me i'm a man
i try so hard and got so far i just dont understand
i don't know whats the reason
but i'm wishing it was diffrent because i'm missing every time i'm riminizing when i was pleasing my flesh
with one foot in the grave giving him all the praise


We are a working on our First Album Call Gods Most Wanted and dont have any songs playing on the radio YET!!!!

Set List

we dont have a typical set list it all depend on what we are doing we can do from 15 minutes to 45 minutes like 2 songs to 5 songs