Tokyo, Tōkyō, JPN

We are kotringo from Tokyo Japan.
Shige Murata on Bass and Guitar, Junpei Kamiya on Drums.
Kotringo is a coined word, which means a bird and an apple.
You will experience flow of playful sounds!


kotringo -Vocal & Piano
Shige Murata -Bass & Guitar
Junpei Kamiya -Drums & Percussions

Management / Booking:
Tetsumi Segawa


kotringo is a singer songwriter who belongs to a major music label "commmons" established by Ryuichi Sakamoto.
She studied Jazz Composition at Berklee College of Music.

Her music is categorized as POP MUSIC, but it shows big influence of JAZZ.
She also has very unique singing voice, and it establishes playful world with the music.

She has also been working as a composer of Advertisement music, and movies since her debut in 2007.

This year she started a three-piece band with Shige Murata (Bass and Guitar: ???, Cubismo Grafico Five, Circle Darko) and Junpei Kamiya (Drums and Percussions: Akai Kutsu). They appeared several major music festivals in Japan such as FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL, WORLD HAPPINESS , and SWEET LOVE SHOWER.


2011.1.19 Oversea Pops cover AL "picnic album 2"
2010.9.22 J-POP cover AL "picnic album 1"
2009.9.16 3rd AL "trick & tweet"
2008.11.29 2nd AL "Sweet Nest"
2008.1.23 mini AL "nemurugirl"
2007.6.27 1st AL "songs in the birdcage"

NEW EP is released in March 2012!
NEW ALBUM is comingin July 2012!!