"A big-time slice of Hall & Oates boogie, leaning heavy on jumpy guitars and jaunty keyboards...with punched up guitars...A pop-perfect version of Elvis Costello's pairings with Burt Bacharach" - CMJ New Music Monthly


"Any Moment Now." The Reptilian agenda revealing itself. Imperialism running rampant. The hidden hand tightening its grip. They Live shades. Hulkamania being resurrected non-ironically. The public waking up from its slumber. Koufax taking off. ANY MOMENT NOW.

These are Strugglers. These are their songs. Koufax animate and collate these stories, these Strugglers, their worries and woes and whimsies. Sure, they’d rather be singing about bichons and oolong teas, but alas…They Live shades. Indie-Pop for the Police-State Generation: that’ll work.

Koufax are a band from Everywhere, America. They’ve released a couple records the kids loved. They released a record that more kids should’ve loved. No tears were shed, though. Instead, vocalist/guitarist/composer Robert Suchan worked random, ridiculous jobs to store up more life experience to later translate into song. He then cobbled together an A-Team-esque crew of ace musicians to flesh out these bolder, more brazen visions across Strugglers: Dustin Kinsey (White Whale) on organs, guitars, synths, and mandolin; John Anderson (White Whale, Boys Life) on set drums, percussion, and drum machines; Nathan Harold on bass guitar and synth bass; and Ryan Lallier on guitars. In quite the coup, Suchan even coerced Kansas City free-jazz enigma Mark Southerland to get sleuthy and sleazy on his homemade horns. Dude said he doesn’t play on pop records. "Police-state pop," though? Sign him up.

The Cure covering Dire Straits? Eddie Money fronting Morphine? Radio 4 jamming on the Alan Parsons Project? Maybe, maybe, and maybe. But pure and total Koufax, now more than ever?

Definitely. And Rahssan Roland Kirk’s lurking around there, too, getting all psychedelic off the vibes.

Not bad for a Larry the Cable Guy roadie, innit. You say "possible," we say "probable."


Koufax EP (Doghouse 1999)
It Had to Do with Love (Heroes and Villains/Vagrant, 2000)
Social Life (Vagrant, 2002)
Hard Times are in Fashion (Doghouse, 2005)
Why Bother At All EP (Motor Music/Little Teddy Recordings, 2005)
Strugglers (Doghouse, 2008)

Set List

A conglomeration of songs from past and present which lasts in the neighborhood of forty-five minutes.