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Grovetown, Georgia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2018 | INDIE

Grovetown, Georgia, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2018
Solo Hip Hop R&B




"Meet Von T | Music Artist/Business Owner/Actor"

We had the good fortune of connecting with Von T and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Von, what role has risk played in your life or career?
When I think of risk I think of the service I provided for this country in the Army. I am still currently known as Captain Channing Von Taylor, professionally known as Von-T. I am a 17 year Army veteran. I fought proudly for our country during my deployment to Iraq and represented the Army with the upmost respect throughout my career while rising in through the ranks to Captain.

I honored my commitment to the military without question over my 17 year career earning many awards and medals. However, the Army has not always supported me. Instead they have virtually turned their back on me as a Soldier.

In January 2019, my life changed. The video to my hit song “Turn off the Lights” premiered on World Star Hip Hop and quickly became a viral sensation. This was the catalyst that started my ongoing fight with the United States Army. I was singled out by the brigade commander and engaged in a racially charged confrontation which resulted in the Article 15 being filed.

One year after the video’s release, the Army decided that I was in violation of their rules and took legal action by filing an Article 15 against me which will stay on my service record permanently and ordering me to forfeit his pay. I appealed this ruling to my fullest ability through the Army’s appeal system with no luck. I found it hard to garner legal support due to fear of retaliation against anyone who speaks out against the Army and the fact the civilian lawyers are not versed in military language. I have been ostracized from my unit and fellow Soldiers, denied requests to transfer to another unit while I await my transition out of the Army and denied medical care and surgeries for injuries that I suffered while serving this country.

Doctors and psychological advisors have stated the need for these procedures and the need for his sanity to transfer out of the current unit but have been ignored.

This is a clear case of discrimination against a black man because he chose to pursue a career in hip hop music. I have been stereotyped as the “drug dealer” or “gang member” because of one choice single video. Neither of which are true. Everyone that follows my music and career know I make music across all genres, and I am also an actor that plays in short films and T.V. series. I have received nearly 20 awards and medals for my service to the US Army.

Denying someone medical care is unethical and I thought to be illegal. Soldiers go through so much on deployment while risking their lives for all of us and should be treated as such regardless of the color of his skin or how somebody feels about his preference in music.

I risked everything for this country and I am risking it all to continue to do music while simultaneously exposing the Army for what it really is. I risk it for the ones who come after me don’t have to. We are better than this and my career is worth risking it all to follow my dream and passion to make great music to provide to people. I consider this to be my version of the American dream and I am doing what I need to do to go after it. There’s no way someone can convince me that I can sign up go overseas and fight for this country and probably even die, but yet I cannot even come home and champion the city and area I grew up in through the expression of music in the Army when it breaks not a single law. So I risk it all to shed light on the fact that discrimination is as prevalent in our military today as it is in civilian society. This is unacceptable and change is needed. There will be more music to made through it all and I still haven’t stopped yet and I won’t. - Shoutout LA Magazine

"Meet Von-T"

Today we’d like to introduce you to Von-T.

Hi Von-T, thanks for sharing your story with us. To start, maybe you can tell our readers some of your backstory.
My name is Channing Von Taylor (born July 11, 1985), better known by the stage name Von-T. I am an American rapper, DJ, singer and songwriter. In January 2019, after the music video for my song “Turn Off The Lights”, I became a viral internet meme accumulating over a million views on World Star Hip-Hop due to my many different styles and the odd helmet I wear.

Still currently unsigned, this has not perturbed my progression or fan base at all. Self-managed through a small label named Symbiotic Music Group℗. In 2019, my single titled “ENUFF” feat. Ikkor became my most successful single to date and is still rapidly spreading across the internet. I spent many years in the United States military and am still currently in, but I also have deep roots in the heart of the streets and to my culture.

I produce traditional music videos but also create colorful animated EDM style videos as well and recently have added “retro” to my style with the foresight to see that I can successfully tie all genres of music together and collaborate with all kinds of artists and mix the game up in music. My family does not have any ties to music or entertainment at all. I am the first and only so far. I always say, “It’s only when we lost everything we’re free to do anything, and some men can’t be bought, borrowed, or reasoned with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.”

Currently discriminated against in the Army because I specifically made a piece of Hip-Hop music to my single “Turn Off The Lights.” I continue to reach out to all who will listen to gain national exposure on the Army and its racially charged practices.

We all face challenges, but looking back, would you describe it as a relatively smooth road?
It has not been an easy road for me only because I have a real story on why I do this and why I keep on doing this. I am 17 years veteran Army Officer in which I deployed to Iraq and fought for our nation. I am currently stationed here at Fort Gordon, Georgia located in Augusta, Georgia. I am African American, and I was attempting to get out pursuing my dream of making music full time, but the Army has pressed charges against me solely because I made hip-hop music while being a service member.

I make all kinds of music (not just Hip-Hop). However, my Hip-Hop music was singled out, and I was specifically targeted. I am in the midst of a medical retirement board (MEB), but I still appealed the post commander’s decision, which was denied. Now I am doing all I can to seek justice. Since this is uncharted territory, I do not have all the answers on how people outside the Army can help this situation. As a Georgian, an African American, a citizen of this country, and as a Soldier, I am seeking justice. No policy in America or in the Military is in place that makes this situation legal or okay. This is racist, discriminatory, and prejudice action against my culture and me as an African American.

If making Hip-Hop music or engaging in any part of it could potentially stain or end your career as a service member. There is a problem obviously and as it pertains to the discrimination against rap and Hip-Hop music within the military. The future generations, the youth, and their families need to be made aware this is happening to protect them; this is not just for me. It is not just about my music at this point it is about First Amendment rights, racism, and discrimination.

So I fight, and I call out the Army constantly and consistently until my voice is heard. I do this through interviews, podcasts, social media, news outlets, and I even created a Facebook group that has almost 6k supporters until I reach a platform or somebody that is going to take me seriously. I will never quit calling them out, and I do not care if I am 0 years old. I will still be pushing this story and situation until it is addressed. The road is not easy, and this is not how I envisioned entering the music industry, but this is America, and if I have to lay my life on the line to start this movement, then I’ll die a hero or live long enough to become the villain.

Appreciate you sharing that. What else should we know about what you do?
Well, I go by the name Von-T, and I consider myself an artist and not a rapper. I like to experiment with music, and I take my time on every track that I produce. What sets me apart from other than my helmet is the fact that I am not tied to any genre. I know my position in music, and I know exactly what needs to be done to make a song pop. I write and perform all my material, and I used to produce beats, so I take an active role in making the beats. I also am very skilled at editing, so I know how to edit videos and pictures to make cartoons and music videos.

I spent time learning the industry before I ever dropped a single track, so I would be better prepared for the pitfalls. Luckily I have managed to avoid most “Too good to be true” traps, but I have my fair share of stories of wool being pulled over my eyes as well. I work hard because I do not know how to fail, and I do not know how to give up. I got too much to prove and too much to lose. So I will continue down this road, and it will take a godlike force to stop me at this point.

Do you have any advice for those just starting out?
Do your research. This is 2021 and knowledge is only a click away. It is not like it was back in the day. We have the power of high-speed internet now. There is a lot of fluff in this industry and a lot of blurred lines. Understand that this is a business and with business, everyone is trying to eat. You’re either Ike or you’re Anna Mae being forced to eat the cake. - Voyage ATL

"CEPTV Late Night Hype _ Interview Highlight Von-T"

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Music is Songs

1 Intro 2:47

2 Turn Off The Lights 2:55

3 A Star 4:01

4 The Plug 4:01

5 Brands 4:01

6 The Flip 3:33

7 1-800 3:38

8 The Tables Have Turned (skit) 1:57

9 The Tables Have Turned (Explict) 3:46

10 Drippin' Wit Cash 3:45

11 Enuff 4:01

12 Take Me Away 4:44

13 Undefeated 3:23

14 Outro 2:47

15 Snakebites 2:28

16 On My Mind 3:25





You will never forget the Von- T Experience!!

 I am Von-T I am a true lover of music who can fluidly go from Rap/Hip Hop to EDM, 80s Synthwave, pop, house, techno, and more! I play a  soprano saxophone and have an international as well as national following that I have cultivated since 2018. My presence is respected in the social media realm and even more, appreciated at my live shows as I know how to read and capture the crown. The fact that I am not locked into one set genre gives me all the tools to please your crowds as you have never seen before! If you really want a show I can bring along my guitar player who goes by the name of Mr. Shredz- a true sight to behold!

If you would like to see samples of my versatility try listening to my song "Skeletons" and then follow it up by "Take me Away" and "Enuff". I am the total package for your next event! I come prepared with music merch and to make lasting relationships with venue owners around the globe!

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