Barrie, Ontario, CAN

Koyaanisqatsi is a fusion of hardcore Hip-Hop driven rock sounds, fueled by the insanities of imbalance, and is intent on kicking some %$$ into the world establishments inferiority complex. We 'bout to tear $#iT up!


Koyaanisqatsi... A Hopi Indian word meaning;
Life out of balance, a crazy life,
a way of life that calls for another way of living.

Koyaanisqatsi encompasses...mi vida loca is the
anthem of choice among the restless.
We never forget, how these Horizons & Eagles
are killing Piggies In The Sun...

Turning heads with their aggressive in your face display
gracing the stages of The Foundation in Barrie,
the Reverb, the Republik and 360 in Toronto and more
again an' again Koyaanisqatsi must be heard!

Ruff & Rugged in delivery, this collabo has found a distinct method to put it down!
Satirical, witty, and tek no outright insanity verbal
licks...this band breaks it down.

~ Peaceful Resistance Moves Mountains ~

Koyaanisqatsi is sure to find a home
in the hearts...
of the manically maddened.

'Nuff already...
Check the music and move!!!
This is Koyaanisqatsi...



Written By: Koyaanisqatsi (D.Rodgers)

I see these punks
Jump up to get beat down
All around these towns
Labels are found
It’s hard enough to keep my wallet in check
Without you telling me what to buy next
Every time I turn around a corner a 99 foot tall persona hit me dead in the eye
My oh my
American pie
Your government keeps eating the lies
Feeding you fries
And a diet of mines
Bombs and explosions
Ain’t nothing compared to this logo-lotion
It’s locomotion
Don’t ride the train it’s branded with pain

Lies …x4
Lies branded with pain …x4

Now these punks
In your high schools are found
Infiltrating the who’s in crowd
It’s hard enough to get a good education
Without the worst brands foods in rotation
Feeding you beef
Telling you it’s good to eat
Swallow it down with a soda here’s your crown
So now you’re one of us
Live for the brand you trust
Spread it to your friends and we’ll bring them in
We don’t give a damn about your weight or your size
Biggie coke biggie smile biggie fries
It’s all for the good of the corporate regime
We come with a theme to fulfill your dreams

Lies …x4
Lies branded with pain …x4

Is it your brain they took
Your brains been shook
Engrained in the culture
Like the vultures they’re making stars
Bringing you in with gins and guitars
A million dollars paid
A billion sold
These teen machine is branding gold
Logos become a new style of currency
What’s the name of your cola
X-Y-or Z
Some lie and die cheat and steal to keep it real
But is it all real or just mass appeal
I saw your friend with a new tattoo just the other day
It say
I’m a corporate slave…

Lies …x4
Lies branded with pain …x4


Koyaanisqatsi (EP) - TBA

Set List

Horizons & Eagles
Molotov Cocktail
No Rest

Can be modified to fit time constraints...