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The best kept secret in music


Who is KOZ? The next hungry rapper fighting for his piece of the pie, snatching the plate from under the noses of slovenly, excessively blinged hip-hop hoggers. Fattened for the kill and too slow to react, rappers topping the charts today fall prey to the heavy hitters of tomorrow. With his gritty voice and ‘gangsta’ mentality, KOZ gives the impression of a man who has been through some tough times and possesses the talent and perseverance to climb his way to the summit of the game. He Treats subjects to the violence and poverty of life on the street, nay-saying critics, music appreciation and real love. KOZ, also, unfortunately dips into the gutter of ‘money, cash, hoes’ references throughout.

Aside from the crackly delivery on the anthem opener “Against the Grain,” the ill-chosen off-key feminine vocals on the hook of “F--- Friends,” and the been there, done that pimpin’ of “Ride With a G,” KOZ’s makes a commendable effort on “Soul of a Soldier.” Best tracks include the socially conscious “All We Know,” the R&B and soul of “Till Death Do Us Part” and “Nuthin’ 2 Sumthin’” and the nostalgic vibe of “The Hood.” Bred on the Snoop, Tupac and Ice-Cube influences of his native Calif., KOZ now resides in New York and nods to East Coast legends like Jay-Z. The change of scenery seems to have strengthened his focus and resolve. - C. Lizaire (The Celebrity Cafe.com)


Single: Money On My Mind
LP: Soul of a Soldier


Feeling a bit camera shy


For KOZ, hip-hop is about making a statement – a statement of his life, his thoughts, and his emotions. A story of what he went through or is still going through now, especially of what he dreams of becoming in the not so distant future. Relentless with his delivery and furious with his words, KOZ demands respect and combines his thought provoking lyrics with a distinct style and swagger. Coupled with his knack to discuss real life hardships, ability to rep the streets, have sway over the ladies, and attack issues of poverty and crime, it's clear that KOZ has exactly what it takes to shine. "They use to call me K-OZ (from the word Chaos)," according to the artist himself. "It was probably associated to me because of my personality and the way my life was situated at the time," he added. Greatly influenced by the West Coast rap scene in the 90's, he recognizes the Cali-Cavi in him as his backbone and foundation. And after studying hip hop greats the likes of Tupac, Ice Cube, Jay-Z, and Eminem, KOZ is set to emerge as one of the most remarkable and influential forces in the music industry.

He started writing his own lyrics in 1994. "It was when I heard the song “That Shiznit” from Snoop Dogg, that I got inspired and decided to get into rapping," KOZ says. "We used to rap over instrumentals we got from CD singles and B-sides…all we had was a tape deck and a 10 dollar mic—and that was all good back then," he adds. While living in The Bay Area, KOZ began recording songs and freestyles and turning them into low budget mixtapes in 2001. He worked with local artists and producers to record and promote his craft until his dreams were sidelined by personal hardships. But his desire and ambition to succeed would drive him back to the streets and back in the booth. In 2004, KOZ made a cross-country move to New York where he hustled from the bottom and started recording music again. Brooklyn based record label Collateral Entertainment and current manager Arthur Retiz took notice of KOZ and quickly got him the studio to record "Back to the Streetz Volume 1." A compilation dedicated to the streets that showcased a talented roster and putting KOZ in a platform on which he could make his own mark.

KOZ stepped up and finished his debut album "SOUL OF A SOLDIER" scheduled to be released early 2006. Critics describe his hit single Money On My Mind as, "East meets West at a thug party down South!" But more than club and party track, KOZ sees his first single as, "a great accomplishment…this is something that many people said I could not and should not be doing, this is bigger than hip hop for me." With tracks called, Born in Hell, Till Death Do Us Part, They Never Thought, and From Nothing to Something, the music industry is in for a reality check. KOZ's debut promises to set the pace for hip-hop in coming years. The product of his unrelenting drive to succeed, talent, and a huge chip on his shoulder, KOZ' first album is a symbol of the pain, the struggle, success and retaliation. With his raw flow and I-don't-give-a-fuck attitude, there is no doubt that KOZ’s got what it takes. He got next!

KOZ' CD is now available to order at cemuzik.com and amazon.com.