Kozmic Prophet

Kozmic Prophet

 Brighton, Colorado, USA
BandHip Hop

The most versatile M.C. Ever!!! Intellectually stimulating and substance fillel lyrics guaranteed to entertain the crowd. He is the next big thing to come out of C.O.!!! Kozmic Prophet is better live than on his c.d.!!!


Kozmic Prophet is the craziest cracka you have ever met.... As original as they come, he mezmorizes listeners with his complex rhyme schemes, intellectuality and versatility!!! He led a criminalistic and addicted lifestyle until he went to prison for 4 years. In prison he found God which gave him the power to change and the inspiration to make music that will change the listeners lives for the better!! He hopes that individuals can learn from his mistakes, instead of learning the hard way like he did. He has played sold out shows at the Fox and Boulder Theatres, Marquis Theatre,Toad Tavern, and many others. He founded a sucessful Company called "Crazy Cracka Entertainment" which currently throws sucessful shows and is making big moves in the "mile high city". Kozmic Prophet is the next "Eminem" all he is missing is the financial backing.... He will make it big..... He won't take no for an answer.....


Singles. Love letter. Crazy Cracka. Freaky Side. Best Friend. The next level.
All of these songs have streaming rotations. Some have radio rotations on college radio.

Set List

I can perform a set as long or as short as you'd like.