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Kozmo 3 @ www.kozmo3.com = details

RegularySeoul, Not Applicable, Other

RegularySeoul, Not Applicable, Other

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The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kozmo 3 (demo, 2005)
Sleep Tight, Ya Goddam Morons!! (2007)

Sample Streams of all songs are available at: www.sleeptightyagoddamnmorons.com

Download complete versions of selected songs at:



We're assuming that you're curious as hell about what Kozmo 3 is like. That's great. It really is. Except we can't write our whole goddamn autobiography here or anything.

For one thing, Kozmo 3 is a modern rock band currently playing in Seoul, South Korea. They are a leading attraction in the burgeoning music scene in the Hong-ik University area of Seoul, if you want to know the truth.

Usually, wherever you go these days, there are always some bigshot deejays that attract massive crowds with their ability to manipulate fifty thousand crumby little knobs just to put the next song on, for chrissakes.

Or some band that're still playing that goddam Buggles' song, or playing other songs that we wished we'd never heard anyway.

Kozmo 3 doesn't pretend. They just offer an edgy modern rock sound that is organic and honest, with elements of folk and blues sensibilities and all.

And if you're the type of jerk that likes to sing along and get drunk as hell while watching one of K3's high-energy live shows, you will find that the lyrics aren't the corny "I love you I miss you baby" pseudo-punk fare either.

they're actually pretty goddam intelligent, without trying to sound intelligent. Old Kozmo 3, boy. They're aces.

You probably want to know something about their goddam sound. I don't want to say too much about it except that Kozmo 3 exploits their private collection of vintage and modern guitars and a selective use of finer effects to produce sound that revs with unbridled energy or hypnotizes with mellifluous phrases, and often accomplishes each of these feats in a single number.

Difficult to classify and impossible to ignore, Kozmo 3's sound is the product of eclectic influences, zero formal musical training, and nervous systems loaf-popping with everything from caffeine to codeine. Listening to Kozmo 3's sonic output might just elicit nostalgia for the future you wish you had had.

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