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Hardcore STL HIP HOP from the HOOd with East Coast Consciousness


Claude Keaton AKA KP was born in St. Louis Missouri. KP has been rapping since he was a little boy. He is as complex as he is concrete and his music is an indisputable reflection of the many commanding qualities.

A multi-talented artist from North St. Louis. His lyrics are sharp, hard and absolutely real. He knows exactly how to grab the mic and turn it into a lethal weapon. His volatility, combined with his extremely good looks makes him an authentic Thug with sex appeal. "I bring reality to the game," says KP with confidence.

KP has opened for Master P at the Superdome in New Orleans, and has also performed with Lil Zane, Trina, Soldier Slim, Carl Thomas, Avant and Yewande to name a few. He has performed in the hottest venues in and around the St. Louis area.

KP is unique because his style and sound are derived from real life experiences. KP has endured a lot of tragedy within the past year and his debut album is a result of those experiences, which is why "one of the realest songs on the album Day 1 is called "Something to Live For," says KP. The album combines KP’s strong articulate voice with music that describes the passion and paradox of his relationships in his quest to change his life.



KP day 1 EP
Deepest Sorrow single

Set List

1: It's OK
2: Rapstar
3: Deepest Sorrow
4: Freaky as u wanna Be
5: All the ballers
6: Slangin Flows