KP Devlin

KP Devlin

 New York City, New York, USA


K.P. Devlin is a singer/songwriter who is capable of being both delightfully quirky and ominously dark, often within the same song. Having lived in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Boston and Austin, he currently resides in New York City. According to Christopher Hess of the Austin Chronicle, "Devlin comes from NYC via parts unknown with a swagger in his voice and an edge to his pen that will definitely raise eyebrows."

Devlin graduated from Columbia University in New York with a degree in film studies, and has done extensive work within that medium, including writing, directing, editing and scoring several short films and videos. He also took courses at Boston’s Berklee School of Music. Proficient on the acoustic guitar, piano, harmonica and kazoo, he also possesses a great fascination with ethnic music, which has led him to explore many other musical instruments from around the world, including oud, sitar, didgeridoo, and bouzouki. His other artistic interests include poetry, oil painting, and creative answering machine messages.

His primary focuses, however, are his songwriting, recording and performing. He has performed extensively on the New York club circuit, including such venues as the Bitter End, the Living Room, Rockwood Music Hall, Arlene Grocery, CBGB, and Sin-é, and has toured both nationally and in Australia. He has independently recorded and released five CD’s of original material: Spirit of the Mule, Scarecrow Land, Harlequin’s Elbow, Shoot Down the Stars and Idolatry. Songs from these CD’s have received airplay on radio stations nationwide, as well as overseas in Australia, Costa Rica, Belgium and Holland.


Calling Australia

Written By: KP Devlin

She’s slashing ribbons in the air
She’s licking dew drops from a razor blade
She’s sweeping stardust with her hair
You can’t remember how you wound up here

Calling Australia
She’s so deep in your heart
What would you give for her
Everything right from the start

Release reality and lose
The very thing that keeps you in the game
Despite your sanity you move
Just like a butterfly into the flame


In the moments it takes
To lose your mind
You’ll find her there
And she’ll love you

She’s swirling madly through the trees
She’s got a penchant for the primitive
You’ll never know just what she sees
She’ll never tell; it’s her prerogative



Written By: KP Devlin

I look at the moon
And I see you
You’re whirling around my world
Before my eyes
Like a satellite

I look at the earth
Beneath my feet
And though I’m not moving much
I don’t need that crutch
You’d better hold on tight

I’m making a statement here
Better listen up before I shut my mouth
Could it be more clear?
Or could it be that you're not from the South?

I’m coming apart
Or so it would seem
I’ve run out of gasoline
And my trampoline’s
Got a hole in it

You said you’d be straight
You said you were clean
But babe you were nothing less
Than a perfect mess
Let me roll in it

You say you’re as pure as the driven snow
But I want to know who’s driving you and where
I know that you’ve got to go
But can’t it be me that takes you there?

I can almost taste it
You really don’t want to waste it

I look at you now
And I see stars
Or is that a weather balloon
Right next to the moon

Walking in Circles

Written By: KP Devlin

I’m thinkin too much
I’m wanting to feel your touch now
Let’s call it a crutch
You can call it whatever you want to

I feel like I’m caught
Like an oyster in a fishnet stocking
I wish I could hear
Hear the sound of your heart unlocking

I’m walking in a circle
I’m talking to myself
I feel like I’m invisible now

Cast out your line
It’s time now to get rid of all the waste
Last year was bad
Yeah, but this is just in bad taste

Everybody’s laughing
But you never heard the joke
You’re trying hard to speak
But all you can do is croak


Do you know how it feels?
When you just can’t feel a thing at all?
You really want to fly
But all you can do is crawl


My Favorite Ex-Girlfriend

Written By: KP Devlin

Why the hell did you do this to me?
Did you think it wouldn’t rip me in two?
It’s the coldest spring that I’ve ever lived through
And I owe it all to you

Sometimes when you hurt someone
It comes back at you twice as hard
Sometimes when the wind blows in
It can tear you all apart

You’re my favorite ex-girlfriend
So I wrote you a song
You’re my favorite ex-girlfriend
But you won’t be for long

You were never much for sharing things
Least of all what you had inside
And now that everything’s just fallen apart
I see what you had to hide

I thought you’d have called but you haven’t
I thought you were sincere, but oh no
You’ve certainly got something better
And more exciting places to go


If it all went too fast, I guess you can blame it all on me
I guess it makes you feel better and that’s all that matters obviously

I gave of myself so willingly
I opened my heart up too
But you used it just to put your cigarette out
I guess I’m just an ashtray to you


Salt River Range

Written By: KP Devlin

When I saw you I thought I was dreaming
Your voice was as soft as a breeze
It was morning and the valley was teeming
With lilac and lavender trees
And for a moment all was right in the world
Everything magical and strange
I wish I could live in that moment
Forever on the Salt River Range

But time, like this river only flows one way
No man in this world can stop it
Or say all the things that he never could say
To take what he was doing and drop it
And now if only I could see you once more
Everything in this world I’d exchange
But this cold cold river runs on for miles
Through the heart of the Salt River Range

And now if only I could see you once more
Everything in this world I’d exchange
But this cold cold river just runs on and on
Through the heart of the Salt River Range


Monstera Deliciosa (forthcoming)
Idolatry (2005)
Turkey Baster Incident (2004)
Shoot Down the Stars (2001)
Harlequin's Elbow (1999)
Scarecrow Land (1997)
Spirit of the Mule (1995)

Set List

Performances range from single 30 minute sets up to three (3) one hour sets. The sets feature predominantly original material from KP Devlin's many releases, but covers do occasionally pop up, including obscure Bob Dylan and Tom Waits songs, the occasional traditional, such as "Gold Watch and Chain" or "Jack-a-Roe" and standards like "You Belong To Me" and "Tomorrow Night."