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KP Devlin is a singer/songwriter who, according to The Austin Chronicle, "comes from NYC via parts unknown with a swagger in his voice and an edge to his pen that will definitely raise eyebrows."

Devlin has independently recorded and released six CD's of original material: Spirit of the Mule, Scarecrow Land, Harlequin's Elbow, Shoot Down the Stars, Idolatry, Year of the Snake and the latest release, The Occidental Taurus.

He has toured the United States and Australia, and has received extensive airplay in those countries as well as in Belgium, Holland, Costa Rica and a few other far-flung parts of the globe. He performs regularly in his home town of New York City.


The Occidental Taurus

Written By: KP Devlin

From the mystic and the maker in the early morning rays
To the hallowed and the hunted, the precious and the prey
It’s a simple kind of notion that don’t mean a thing to you
But the Occidental Taurus is the one I’m talking to

From the snows of January to the storms of late July
From the calm deep of the ocean to the tempest in your eye
It’s a heavy, heavy burden that you’ll never have to hold
As the Occidental Taurus stumbles right into the fold

As we look into the future, and have hope to look some more
As we climb out of the rubble after wading through the gore
There’s a brighter day that’s coming even though it’s not here yet
But the Occidental Taurus reminds us never to forget

After the heartache in place of the pain
After the damage is done
We’ll find a place that is sheltered from rain
We’ll have our day in the sun

If the heat is too oppressive and the pain is too intense
If you encounter only strangers on both sides of the fence
If there’s no one to console you and no one to hear you cry
The Occidental Taurus will help you to get by

For a fortnight and a fortune all the felons find the way
But we can spot them like a blemish in the cold hard light of day
And even in the blackness of a deep dark moonless night
The Occidental Taurus will help us win the fight

Bridge (instrumental)

It won’t be steeped in silence and it won’t be kept at bay
It won’t be stopped by violence or the things that mad men say
It’s running like a river, like the blood runs through your veins
It’s flowing from the valleys and in strength it only gains

It’s not about religion, politics, astrology
It’s not constrained to text books, rhetoric, geography
It’s right there in the mirror and it’s with you through the night
The Occidental Taurus ushers in the morning light

My Favorite Ex-Girlfriend

Written By: KP Devlin

Why the hell did you do this to me?
Did you think it wouldn’t rip me in two?
It’s the coldest spring that I’ve ever lived through
And I owe it all to you

Sometimes when you hurt someone
It comes back at you twice as hard
Sometimes when the wind blows in
It can tear you all apart

You’re my favorite ex-girlfriend
So I wrote you a song
You’re my favorite ex-girlfriend
But you won’t be for long

You were never much for sharing things
Least of all what you had inside
And now that everything’s just fallen apart
I see what you had to hide

I thought you’d have called but you haven’t
I thought you were sincere, but oh no
You’ve certainly got something better
And more exciting places to go



If it all went too fast, I guess you can blame it all on me
I guess it makes you feel better and that’s all that matters obviously

I gave of myself so willingly
I opened my heart up too
But you used it just to put your cigarette out
I guess I’m just an ashtray to you


Blue Marlin Mourning

Written By: KP Devlin

Well you’re all worn out from wearing me down
I’m hanging by the dock, and I’m upside down

Now I’m bleeding all out for the world to see
While you’re posing for a picture right next to me

Big blue marlin on the end of that line
He’s fighting so hard but it’s quitting time

Well I feel just like that marlin fish
I just know I’ll wind up on your dish

It’s a blue marlin morning
And this is your warning

Kensington County

Written By: KP Devlin

It’s freezing in Kensington County
I’m cold but the air smells like the sea
You said you don’t want to see me again
But that’s ok because I’d rather be free

The sun is bleeding red on the horizon
I guess pollution makes it look that way
Sometimes when I think of you now
I realize pollution’s here to stay

And the world is turning round
As I look beyond the glass
Bit by bit I find
That I’m outliving my past

You could never see things the way that I did
You just want whatever comes your way
I came along but now I’m bolting for the hills
And I know I’ll live to see a brighter day

Harmonica solo


And once again it’s that time of year
But there’s nothing left to hold me here

Now the telephone is ringing in the parlor
But you know I won’t pick up for you know who
I’ll just let it ring and ring and ring
Cause I’m not here and I won’t get back to you
No I’m not here and I’ll never get back to you


Written By: KP Devlin

You don’t have to be there for me
And you’ll never have to share with me
But what I want you to swear to me
Is that you’re telling the truth

It’s always been such a crazy scene
I know you’re not exactly green
But there’s a few things that you haven’t seen
And I can show them to you

And I’m embroiled in this situation
It’s just one big conflagration
In the face of such great temptation
I can only give in
To you

This house has always been haunted
But it’s just what you always wanted
And some things just must be flaunted
What else can we do?

My life and yours together
Two birds with colorful feathers
Tall trees and beautiful weather
And so much to do

And I’m embroiled in this situation
It’s just one big conflagration
In the face of such great temptation
I can only give in
To you



The Occidental Taurus (2009)
Year of the Snake (2008)
Idolatry (2005)
Shoot Down the Stars (2001)
Harlequin's Elbow (1999)
Scarecrow Land (1997)
Spirit of the Mule (1995)

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