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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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CD: Uncontradictable----2003

CD: Think We Need a Deal ------2004

CD: This is Your Mosi-----2005
(spoken word)

CD: Underground-----2006
PJ1-expected release Sept 15, 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy



We actually have 5 members. 4 active, and 1 we keep in the basement. There is Manwell, Mohican, Ras Mosi, and Mr. D. Currently, we make our own beats and do all of our own recording.....Hard Work.....And Fun. KPE is a group brought together through extreme adversity. Poor ass people who ended up meeting through the graces of the most high. Mr. Dee and Ras Mosi are actually brothers in this struggle and have been making music together since 1993. All of KPE members are from different cities. The cities & counties we represent are: Chicago, Jacksonville, Fla., Jackson Tenn., all the 229, and Dirty Jersey; St. Claire county, Washington Park, Stl.,ESt., & all the 618. So, needless to say this combination makes for a very versatile mixture of great lyrics and tight beats


Music has been an intricate part of Southside Chicago native, RasMosi's life since birth. He started composing music as a youth on his keyboard and recording tapes on a cassette recorder. Having grown up mostly on the streets, being a product of the Robert Taylor homes, music was always a positive outlet. His early years were spent moving from place to place. In 1993 Mr.D and RasMosi united in the struggle. Still being young in years but old to the music game they produced multiple tapes, compilation CD's, and did performances. In 2001 life sent the bothers in different directions. RasMosi ended up in the Dirty South. Motivated and determine to continue doing music, even though separated from his original group, RasMosi produced multiple spoken word and hip-hop CD's, and performed at various venues. Jah saw that RasMosi was worn down from being separated from his brothers and alone in his music struggle. He brought the newest member of KPE into the family.


Joseph Mojica was born in Paterson New Jersey July 8, 1980.
Growing up in the rough streets he had to hold his own because his mother was working two jobs to support him and his little brother. The presence of a male role model was non existent in his life; His father had fallen victim to the bottle. This created a deep anger inside him motivating him to continue to grow stronger knowing he had to help provide for his mother and brother. In 1994 tragedy struck when Josephs mother passed away from a disease that has no mercy A.I.D.S. This was a great test being only 14 years of age and loosing his mother, the person he loved most of all. The pain was almost more than he could bare. Realizing that his purpose was greater Mohican turned to the only thing that made sense when nothing else did, music. He had always been musical. Latin by descent, it was natural for him to feel the music through his veins and have good ear for sound.
As time passed and the urge to vent this anger grew he started putting his life, thoughts, and experiences on paper. In 1999 Joseph relocated to Ohio to live with his dad. This was another test simply because Joseph blamed a lot of what happened to him on his father. There was constant war between them. During this time is when Joseph finally realized that he wanted to change the world God opened the door by uniting him with some folks that were musically blessed.
Joseph took advantage and started to create a new form of hip hop. In the year 2001 the military had moved him to the dirty south where he met the person which would bring out all of the talent that he had buried inside him. Having to work and support his family He found it difficult to jump head first into the music but soon the relationship had grown so powerful that it needed to be released. A balanced had to be reached between the music and work . It is now 2006 and there is only one goal that he is concerned with , spreading the message. Josephs believes that hip hop has gone bad, it has gone away from its pure form of true talent, real lyrics. Now it is only cars,woman,and jewelry. It has shut down the truth which must be known!!!


From all over the dirty south. He had to grow up quickly and in the streets. Thankfully he was able to turn to Jah and music as a way to escape the everyday trials and tribulations of his daily life. In 2002 he met KPE, from the beginning there was a musical connection.