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Positive, Powerful, Spiritual, Lyrical, Cool and Hip uplifting music for the soul.


Growing up performing traveling with my dad he has made the biggest influence in my life, no question. Other artists I respect and listen to are : Lecrae, Tedashii, Trip Lee, Sho Baraka, Flame, Cam and Canton Jones.


" I Do It For You"

Written By: K.Johnson.S.Johnson.C.Dukes

I Do It For You
S.Johnson -I Tripple M Publishing(ASCAP) / -C.Dukes-
Gospel Cam Publishing (ASCAP)
Produced By: R.Ganther of 778 Music Group


Hey yo Cam
We Bringing the family back on this one
A people ask me why I do it
Hey it¹s my inspiration man
I do it for the kids
Who you do it for?
I do it for the families
What you do it for
I do it for the kingdom
I do it for you
Let¹s go let¹s go

Verse 1

You been down and out I’ve been there to
Beat down till I’m black and blue feeling lost and so confuse
Crying out soul searching need a clue on what to do
Hear his voice he’s calling you in this fight you might take a few
But know the truth he ain’t abandon you
He’s knows your pain than walk you’re your shoes
Live this life day by day than made away
That’s why he came encouragement that’s what he gave
Call his name blessed hope them brighter days
Victorious are hands get raised thanking him given praise
What it means through your eyes is what he seen
He’s the king so supreme thinking big that’s why I dream
Can’t deny spread my wings I wonna fly like an angel to the heavens
In presence know he’s listing smile so bright that it glisten
When I pray I give him kisses this is real I how I feel
I can’t hide it so I rush to tell somebody over comers overcome
unified we stand as one you brother you my sister you friend
thick and thin all my life that’s how it’s been

(Chorus x 1)

I do it for the kingdom and the Hood

I do it for my City cause God is so good

I do it for the freedom and I AM

I do it for my family and all of my friends

I do it cause I should I do it for the love
I do it for the joy from the one up above

I do it for Y-O-U
Because I-O-U you gave your life
to make it do what it do so I’m do it for you

Verse 2

I do it cause brings inspiration music is power
so I use my voice to tell the nation
it’s sweeter than fruits in Galatians testify no hesitation
GOD is there in the mist of what I’m facing
what concerns me ain’t this journey
I know it’s blood sweat and tears expect
the unexpected like a quiz
so why do we find ourselves reflecting on them yester years
I miss my granny yal but where she at I know now she’s better off
it ain’t worries it ain’t no stress GOD bless her soul as she rest
Grandma Ruby was the best I miss her hugs
I miss her laugh often reminisce on good times that we had
L-O-V-E and words can’t explain all the love she had for me
or what she meant for me so I express it passionately
another reason why I do it cause I do it in her loving memory

( Repeat Chorus )

Verse 3

I hear your voice like whistle when the wind blows
so I open up my heart as a window
your compassion fills my cup till it over flows
out of darkness to the light you make my soul glow
overjoyed my hands are up
close my eyes say the words awesome GOD
cause you provide what I need time and time
read my mind give me wisdom
show me vision with precision in this life that I’m living
it’s my witness pay attention
you so good show’em what they really missing
if they seeking it it’s go hit’em
when face with faced with in indecisions
choosing you the best decision one can make
to this day I contemplate
what you did for us that why I praise

( Repeat Chorus )

" Count Your Blessings"

Written By: K.Johnson.S.Johnson

Count your Blessings
S.Johnson,K.Johnson-I Tripple M Publishing (ASCAP )
Produced by www.MyBeatShop.Com/ [Tristan ]

Verse 1

Any minnie minny moe jumping like Geronimo
slamming like some dominos in the booth
I’m a beast something like an animal
A doctor with antidote juicy fruit
watermelon calliope plant a seed watch it grow
break’em of a dose of that holy ghost
standing out like thumb blowing up
like bubble gum bigger than ogre
fee fi fo fum I’m giant killer
with the breath life in my lungs
covered the blood of the risen one
so I count my blessings snap my fingers to the drums
this the kind of tune around the house that you hum
the focus not on me cause the focus on the son
every knee will bow confess with there tongue
Christ is the way the truth and the life
use this advice you still got a chance to get it right
before he come back like thief in the night (Count Blessings)

(Chorus 1x)

One.. for the Father
Two.. for the Son
Three.. for the Holy Ghost that get’s the job done

Four.. for his love
Five.. for relationship
Six.. for the movement in my legs and finger tips

Seven.. for the clothes on my back
Eight.. for the shoes on my feet
Nine.. for the food and the water that I drink

Ten.. for the faith
Eleven.. for the mercy
Twelve.. for the grace (Count your Blessings )

Verse 2

Back to business get low too a whisper
the song in your head and it’s buzzing like clippers
better count your blessings don’t let the devil gip ya
you know he’s all talk with them
counterfeit lines that he slip ya
his mission to get you off track like zipper
keep your eyes on the prize just like December
Jesus got your back like a coat in the winter
remember stay in your lane like sprinter
if Jesus played basketball he would play sinner (center)
if played football he would be a stealer
so we give him thanks it’s seven for the Saint’s
the devil get the boot it’s Christ that we choose
liven for King playing by the rules
strictly by the book gotta use your word
demons getting shook all to the good
you can count your blessing here goes the hook

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3

Last verse save it for the church
You might wonna take notes like your church clerk
please take your time I don’t want rush ya
my goal is to direct the people like a usher
greet’em with a smile walk them down the aisle
lead them throgh the crowed be a good usher
greet’em at the door tell’em GOD loves ya
in and out season blessed to be breathing
watching over the temple just like a deacon
the deacon the one at your church on the weekend
even through the weekday wisdom of a elder
skilled like a welder people come together
saints by the masses preaching like a pastor
a Bishop a Doctor with a Masters
as we serve the Master such an awesome God
better yet spectacular let’s your head nod
only thing we reverence is GOD

(Repeat Chorus)


First Single "I Do It For You" ft.Cam off of my debut CD entitled "Kingdom Certified"

Second Single "Count Your Blessings" off of my debut CD entitled "Kingdom Certified"

Set List

I normally start off my concerts with a quick introduction a hype one minute crowed pleaser just to warm up the audience then I begin my set as the Holy Spirit leads. Normally my sets consist of 4 songs sometimes 5 which equals out to be about 30 minutes of ministry performance