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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2018 | INDIE | AFTRA

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2018
Solo Rock Pop




"KP Wolfe Gets Real in Latest EP"

Some artists just sing with a quality you can’t explain. They just exude some sort of confidence that can’t be put into words. They create this kind of attitude with their music that you can’t help but vibe along to. Artist KP Wolfe is this kind of artist. Not only is she an NYU Tisch grad with an impressive rap sheet of performances on well-known musicals like “Home Street Home”, but she’s also just an amazing performer. With pop-like ballads combined with her real lyrics, her latest EP Exodus is a wild ride, and the perfect introduction to her unique style.

We’re introduced to this amazing confidence Wolfe has within seconds. KP Wolfe uses her incredible voice and sharp lyrics to give us something real.

Wolfe Impresses With Passion
KP Wolfe sings with a different kind of purpose and makes it into the best performance. She sings like she’s not letting anything get in her way, and you can’t help but be into it.

Take her title track “Exodus” as an example. Wolfe sings with this perfect amount of rasp and sass. In between piercing lyrics like “Throw my hands up jump in the water cause I’m not just someone’s daughter. No, and I’m sure I’m more than a lover so I’m walking away from you” we get this incredible vocal performance from Wolfe.

She delivers it in all of her songs. Whether she’s singing about making the world a better place in “Louder” or broken promises in “Take Back The Ring”. She’s got this emotion in her voice that you can’t help but pick up on.

It’s not just the way she shows off her vocals in songs like “Take Back The Ring” as she sings, “Take back the ring that you never gave me, take the promise you never made, take back the time like it never happened at all”. It’s the way she shapes every ballad and vocal run into a story, and makes it impossible to pause.

KP Wolfe is an impressive artist. You don’t have to look at her incredible resume to know she’s talented. She shows it to you within seconds. Wolfe sings with passion and confidence that can’t be categorized, and it just makes me this much excited to see what she drops next.
You can keep up with KP Wolfe at her website here. - Indie Band Guru

"KP Wolfe ‘Exodus’ EP Review: Multifaceted and Promising"

KP Wolfe’s EP “Exodus” is a soulful, aggressive and hard-hitting collection of tracks you’ll remember. Although her young voice is strong and powerful, you can feel the passion and strength of the lyrics that encompass all of her songs on this EP. Simply put, Wolfe’s voice will have your skin in goosebumps. Her voice can go from calm to powerful, in a flash.

“Exodus,” the title track on the EP, has a funky tune. The guitar rhythm will have your body rolling and stomping your feet. She sings about how she’s ready to leave someone here and at times, you can just feel her sass and angst. Wolfe’s voice is soulful, too- you can feel how free she is in this song. The song also has a rock feel to it as the drums and guitar compliment her voice and give it an edge.

“Icarus” is a bit different in that it has a pop feel to it. It’s a song to listen to on a sunny morning on your way to work. It’s an upbeat track, but Wolfe is not afraid to show her voice range in this song. She can go from a high register to a deep soulful one rather quickly, which gives this track plenty of audacity and polish. “The Other Woman” is a song for those going through a heartbreak and is another pop-friendly tune that deserves radio airplay. For the ones who know what’s it like to be betrayed. Wolfe shows her pain with her voice. The song is slow paced and calming than the others. Her song is relatable and any woman can feel her pain.

“Puppeteer” is a track that proves Wolfe is versatile once again, as it has a mix of rock, soul and pop. The beat will have you dancing and singing along. Her voice goes from soothing and calm, to soulful and raspy. It’s a great combination with this song and shows that she can experiment with different sounds.This song is perfect for a someone going through a breakup and calling out their exes.

“Louder,” ironically has a more country vibe as Wolfe’s lyrics tale an emotional tale. It’s a song to listen to during hard times and will give you a push to be better and stronger. This song is motivating and free. “Take Back The Ring” has to be one of Wolfe’s powerful songs and like “Louder,” tells an interesting story. Her voice is dominant and compelling here as the song is intense. You can feel her pain in this song. You can feel her vulnerability in the song too. Wolfe isn’t afraid to show how far she can go, creativity wise and emotionally.

Overall, Wolfe’s EP is fun, daring, and refreshing. From pop, soul, and even funk and dashes of Americana, she gives it her all in every song and does not disappoint. - Review Fix

"CD Review: Exodus by KP Wolfe"

There are a lot of people out there who are trying to attain that elusive spot where they capture and keep an audience’s attention. But because of the glut of almost stereotypical artists and bands that the indie music industry churns out constantly, a stereotype can make listeners wary.
In the case of KP Wolfe, while she does seem, at first, like more of the same, her new, seven-track EP Exodus (released late last year)sets itself apart early on. The main attention-grabbing element is her voice. Her vocal range is wide and her singing on par; furthermore, she easily and seemingly effortlessly touches on many emotions in these songs. First and foremost, however, she embodies a whole lot of attitude, firmly setting the tone throughout the entire set of attention-grabbing and catchy tracks. Another noteworthy touch are the lyrics; while they do at times sound familiar, Wolfe’s special attention to penning thoughtful lyrics sets her apart—in a good way.
The pop rock title track is aggressive and passionate. The guttural vocals and relentless beat enhance the lyrics that repetitively call for listeners to move on. The seeming push forward by the guitars and drums give “Exodus” an anthemic quality. It touches on the experience of walking away from limiting relationships, particularly romantic ones, a heartwrentching decision even if it is the right one. Combined with Wolfe’s theater experience, a live performance of this song could be potentially unforgettable.
The slower “Icarus” delves deeper into the pop genre. Here we see that Wolfe’s attitude towards life is not just one of angry sass; she is also hopeful, sunny, and almost sweet. We also see how wide her vocal range is, and how expertly and seamlessly she goes from one end to the other. The throbbing “Louder” brings together elements from the first and second numbers on her EP: an aggressive front with a sweet, hopeful layer underneath. Country flavours can be found through this motivational, inspiring number, encouraging listeners to contribute to the betterment of the world.
The plucked electric guitar in the pop rock “Puppeteer” comes across as auditory metaphor for the being strung along, in one of two tracks that could pass off as an early Lady Gaga offering. One can’t help but be impressed by how many different styles Wolfe is touching in such a limited set. As for the second Gaga-like song on Exodus, “Take Back The Ring”, Wolfe is a lot slower and much more intense in her delivery, with the emotional range her vocals touch upon on full display: hope, pain, despair, and even of joy. It definitely is the most powerful number of the set, the honesty and rawness on full display within instrumentation that packs quite a punch.
Heartbreak is also the theme in “The Other Woman”, a radio-friendly pop song that belays heart-wrenching pain while at the same time delivering a passion one does not doubt will help Wolfe carry on. It is a quieter number than the others on the EP but it is just as powerful, closing the book on a high note. Exodus is well worth a listen and could potentially become mainstream fare because of Wolfe’s confidence, a passion that clearly comes through, and the range of her voice. Youthful angst combined with a mature look towards the future is quite a force to be reckoned with, and it is hoped that tracks will hopefully soon available for streaming on SoundCloud. In the meanwhile, more information can be found on the artist’s Facebook page. - Vents Magazine

"KP Wolfe- Exodus"

Defiant and inspirational, KP Wolfe’s “Exodus” is pop at its most passionate. Arrangements reveal a true knack for form. Beats hit so hard as they propel the songs forward with a strong sense of purpose. Volume rules over these songs as they deserve to be felt as much as heard. By opting for such an approach KP Wolfe ensures that the focus remains on her deeply felt lyrics. Reflections on relationships, life, hardship, these are captured with the greatest of ease. Stylistically KP Wolfe draws on a wide variety of styles from pop to country to even small elements of industrial ebbing and flowing out of the mix.

Starting the collection off strong is the choir of “Exodus”. KP Wolfe’s ferocious vocals make this one of the highlights. Rhythmic guitar adds to the overwhelming sense of purpose that the song embodies. Thoughtful and poignant is the tragic story of “Icarus”. By opting for such a style the song has a deep, emotionally affecting core to it. Gargantuan in scope is the emotionally resonant work of “Louder”. Exploring a gracious buildup in tension is the spacious sprawl of “Take Back The Ring”. Cinematic in scope the song’s epic grandeur works wonders, making it the highlight of the collection. “Until You Wake Up” takes up an eclectic style, as the sampled swirling chorus adds the triumphant spirit of the song.

KP Wolfe’s “Exodus” is a veritable battle cry for those who yearn for freedom, for purpose and for happiness. - Skope Magazine


Take Back The Ring
The Other Woman
What's Wrong With You



A consummate live performer, KP Wolfe gained notoriety in the world of rock after landing major theatrical roles working with Fat Mike of punk band NOFX, rock duo Air Supply, and the Joplins playing Janis Joplin in their touring show for two years.

The release of her explosive debut EP “Exodus” marks a turning point for the Brooklyn based singer/songwriter. Wolfe explores the raw edges of female empowerment on collaborations with 7-time Grammy nominated songwriter Lauren Christy (Bebe Rexha, Avril Lavigne, Rihanna), and international multi-platinum producer Adrian Newman (Sabrina Carpenter, Jackie Evancho, Hedley, Boa).

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