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A mind is a terrible thing to waste. If you can't make anything else, make music.----K PYZ


K PYZ was born as F. Rogers in San Francisco, Ca.
K PYZ grew up in a rough area in West Oakland California. As a youth K PYZ was always into sports especially basketball, and you could always find him on the hoop court somewhere. Of course as a reality, only a percentage of males in "The Ghetto" rises out on sport scholarships, if they can survive to make it out of high school. "The hood is what made my personality." As many may know living in wrong and right at the same time puts a lot of stress on one's mind. What makes K PYZ different is he looks for no sympathy, makes no reason for failure or blames anyone for his mistakes, but learns from them.

When K PYZ first entered high school, he attended ST. Elizabeth in East Oakland. There is where K PYZ found himself hanging around a more variety of Oakland's community. In 1989 K PYZ, then known as plain 4(foe), was involved with a group calling themselves "Private Property". Private Property did a couple of shows at local venues, a couple of house parties and often kept the bus laughing after school on our way home crackin' jokes on each other. Yeah those days were cool though. K PYZ stuck with the group pretty much all through high school but here goes the reality deal again, somtimes people just outgrow others.

K PYZ then was more involved in the East Oakland scene being that he felt the crowd he kept was more fitting for him at the time and actually took the time out to explain how some things actually work. When K PYZ was kicked out of his house, he really then felt what tough love was all about. "I couldn't blame nobody but myself." K PYZ would find himself coming in late, eating up the food, you know stupid ish.

In 1996 K PYZ hooked up with and old shcool homie, D-Chill, also from West Oakland in an area known as Ghostown and they would form the group called Parasites. The whole concept of the name was just about each other feeding off each others' energy, hitting the studio and making it happen. "The Parasites" worked hard at what they did to make the money for studio time and damn near broke themselves staying in the studio. As local artists in Oakland, CA at the time it was hard to really get a big break. We did a few shows in Oakland's Jack London Square and a couple of clubs but that was about it. "The group would later find themselves distant after a while for personal reasons."

After a long struggle in the streets of Oakland, CA., K PYZ ended up enlisting in the U.S. military for a bit of discipline to get his mind right and back on track. K PYZ used this opportunity to take a couple of classes and maybe even save enough to buy his own studio to where he can make hits and sleep at the same time.

K PYZ in 2003 hooked up with K.B., Doja B., Mr. Melvin, D-Chill, & Mill-Yahn for a compilation called "Street Level Proffesionalz", Produced by Wade Love and Mr. Henn. After this compilation was completed, K Pyz then earned a couple of tracks on Wade Love's album "Feelin' Good," currently out now, guest appearing on the tracks "Haven't I" and "You're The Best". Wade Love also invited K PYZ to perform these same tracks at the Solano County Fair 2004 in Vallejo, CA.

K PYZ is currently working on his solo project and will be shopping it upon completion. K PYZ has a few upcoming projects with him having a few tracks he produced with them on it.


Freakin' Witchu

Written By: K PYZ/ Wade Love

Can I spend some time wit u?
Have a playa moment sharin some laughs wit u?
-U sippin wine and me chuggin a brew.
Waitin for the right time to start huggin u.
-I got to play it cool you said ya man be buggin u.
Don't trip I wont be on the other end tuggin u.
-It's a free world baby do what u do.
Just let me know a day in advance if u comin through.
-I remember the day we met u got out of the pool.
Water drippin down ya body sparklin all over u.
-From the reflection of the sun my minds talkin bout u.
Makin my body say go ahead and get you.
-My first words, here goes a towel for u.
I'll be the happiest man if you let me wrap round u.
-Give me ya name and number I'll be callin u.
Fasho hope that leads to me freakin u.


Right now I have guest appearances on the"Street Level Professionalz" EP, and Wade Love's "Feelin Good Album". You can listen to both projects at
www.cdbaby.com/slp :Street Level Professionalz
www.wadelove.com :Wade Love's webstie