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Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States | MAJOR

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States | MAJOR
Band Pop R&B


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Get Money
And If I die Feat Musiq
O.J Da Juice Man Feat Gucci
Tha Game feat Monias



Monias was raised around music as a child. Always beating on desk at school from just beat boxing in corners in the bath room in Fig middle school in the rough parts or L.A. Monias mom was a woman of the arts as well and soon moved away from L.A to join a CEO world in Milwaukee, Wis. But Monias stayed back with his grand mom in order to help out.
Later in life Monias graduated from the school of the arts. It wasn't always a easy road for the young man. He later moved to Milwaukee as a teen. "Milwaukee was nothing like Compton but it was hard". At the age of 14 he was arrested for carrying a loaded gun and a pocket full of bullets.

After being detained inside a Juvenile center for 2 weeks Monias got out with a mind set on his music. He later hooked up with friends and started making beats. At the age of 19 he was shot in the head due to a life of crime he later followed. At the age of 20 he was shot again in the leg by a close friend monias said was" Like a brother" I asked Monias what was the shooting over and Monias just replied with " Drugs. When you in the game people get greedy and things just fall apart" Later in 1999 he was later arrested and served 7 years in a State Prison for Arm Robbery. "

In Prison it's a whole different world. It's all about what you know and who you know. I had to join a gang so I didn't die in that place. What gang I won't say just know it was a life that will make you rethink all the stupid stuff you did on the streets. I was able to read about the music business, buy me some equipment and charge niggas for beats"
Monias was always heavy into the music. His passion is his music. I sat down with him and was amazed how he can hear a song and just replay the same song back to me on a keyboard. When I asked him "How do you do that?" His response was " I was always able to hear the things in the songs that most people don't even know is there. Growing up listing to D.J Quik, and Dr.Dre making beats they challenge the brain and force you to up your game".

I really enjoyed sitting in this young mans studio in which he calls "Sumari Records" " I named it SumariEnt because it stands for loyalty. Most people can't say they went to jail and pulled 7 years with out rattin on a nigga or snitchin to get his time reduced. I did my time like a man with no ass rape or homo shit. A real nigga will never drop dime on no body not even his enemy".

Looking at this young man you would never be able to tell that he's been through so much cause he laughs and jokes all the time. Then he has this business side of him that's remarkable. I asked him how come there's nothing on him on Youtube or any marketing. " You only get on chance to prove your self and one chance to make it shine. If you mess up your first chance there is no second chances. So why promote my self the wrong way and rush a album just to say I have a album?"

It was a pleasure talking to this young man and be on the look out for his new album coming soon entitle 2012.

For more info on Monias he gave me permission to give out his personal phone number. 414 678-8471