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"THE VYN: Top 20 Unsigned Artists - KQuote Author"

6 Questions with K Quote Author

How would you describe your sound?
Life over rhythmic, ambient beats.

Who/What is the inspiration behind your grind as an unsigned/independent artist?

What is the most significant achievement of your career thus?
There are people listening to the music this year that weren’t listening last year.

Any labels that you are looking to sign to in the near future or wish to speak with about joining their team?
No. We just do our own thing; we create music for people to listen.

What does being on The Vyn’s Top 30 list mean to you?
It means we built a rapport after the ON THE RISE Interview for Grapevyn to have me apart of the Top 30 competition. And we thank ya’ll for that. This summer, there will be more music for ya’ll to enjoy.

Tell the viewers one thing about you that they cannot find out by researching you online.
Listen to my music and you’ll find out everything.
- Grapevyn Entertainment


This weeks #MIXTAPEOFTHEWEEK comes from an amazingly talented young artist by the name of KQuote Author. Based outside of Philadelphia Pa, KQuote Author beautifully masters the art of fusing funky jazz and electronic inspired hip hop tracks with inspiring, thought-provoking, heartfelt lyrics. At only 20 years old, his music speaks to a musical maturity level seen very rarely from someone of his age and remenicent of the “golden age” of hip hop.

Skte_Wars was released December of 2010 and to this day, remains in my daily rotation. The whole project is a wonderful introduction to KQuote. Each track takes you on a journey through his musical mind, proving that he is a multi layered artist. Toying with several “genres” of music, Skte_Wars satisfies the ecclectic taste buds of today’s music lovers. Hip hop, jazz, R&B, alternative, spoken word, electronic, a lil bit of rock and roll and soul rhythms can be detected on almost every track. Hard hitting base lines, smooth instrumentals and fun sound effects only serve to highlight KQuote’s undenyable lyrical talent. Not to mention, he has an AMAZING voice and knows how to use it. Hands down, he’s one of my favorite unsigned artists in the game right now.

Skte_Wars will captivate you from beginning to end.

The opening track, “Dedication” which features Cornell Mickens, is a great beginning. Produced by Kenneth Sullivan, the track starts out with a spoken word piece, regarding frustration with KQuote fading in over a hard hitting beat. He descibes how he has his own sound, own identity and advises to not fall victim to anyone trying to make you sound like or be something that you are not. He does his own thing and succeeds. “Awesome how I make the beat, then feast, did I really just make my cake and eat it too?” #word

Also produced by Kenneth Sullivan is the second track on the tape, “Clouds in the Air”. KQuote teams up with Yanni D to flow over this “joint”. Fav line on this track? “I put my money in the chip clip and dip like french onion tryna french kiss french women.” HA! By own admission, he’s tryna be “rook” of the year and with lines like this, he definitely gets my nomination.

“Looooooove, how did you get in here? Told your ass go away…told your ass go away…told your ass go away!” Next up is the title track of the mixtape “Skte_Wars”. THIS IS THE BANGER OF THE PROJECT! Another Kenneth Sullivan produced track, Skte_Wars is the love song of the tape. KQuote raps to us about a fly lil chick whose “the type to make a nigga spend his refund check” but questions why she would come “if you knew you would leave me from the start”. He opens up his feelings a lil bit on this track showing his sweet side. Awwwww… #precious

Letter L is an interlude with an anthem style beat attached to it. KQuote goes in on this hard hitting track for almost 2 mins. #LineILove? “Man, I know it aint about the cash, but it’s itchin my brain; Never been good with a rash”. He’s determined.

Chillin (Pure Leaf) is definitely a club track. With its hard hitting beat and KQuote;s smooth voice letting us know that he’s “Chillin, cruisin, tryna make it to the league”, I can hear this in the club. Once the song ends, the beat switches up into a simple sexy 80s feeling instrumental. Definitely a nice suprise and one of my favorite features on the tape. Shoutout to Lawrence Claiborne on the production. #dope

Next up is the Kayin Malcom produced track, “Square 1?. This is the song that speaks most to KQuote’s drive, ambition, and strong focus. Sure, there is time to party and have a good time, but he understands that in order to be successful, there has to be a balance. He explains with the chorus:

“I will never play the scene, always in the cut. Couple shots later catch me gettin at her. Know a lot of niggaz goin crazy over girls, man I knock em off clean, then its back to the dream. Back in the studio, back to the dream. Back in the studio, back to the dream. And some niggas chase the girls and some niggas chase the cream. Me? I do a lil both and then its back to the dream”

Away (Sophmore Yr College), which features Tamyra Williams, is KQuotes ode to college life and dreams of making it out of his current situation. Tamyra’s voice is a perfect blend for this alternative hip hop style beat! Another Kenneth Sullivan production…

Track 8 on the mixtape is MY FAVORITE PERIOD! “The Sailor” wins all the way around. Lawrence Claiborne shuts the game down with the production on this one. KQuote speaks on how passionate he is about his dream and success. This is one of those feel good, inspiration type of songs. Classic hip hop at its best. “Im on the ocean tryin to sail to my dreams. Even if I fall, I would rather float away.” #beautiful The visual for this track was directed by Buenodidit, whom did a phenomenal job capturing the essence of the track and KQuote’s message and image.

Last, but certainly not least, is “Letter J” produced by Kenneth Sullivan. A - Grapevyn Entertainment

"INTERVIEW: KQuote Author - On the Rise (Video)"

Here is our first ever host interview in the city of Pittsburgh with a young man by the name of KQuote Author. KQuote Author, out of an area near Philadelphia, took the time to sit atop of Mount Washington with the Grapevyn staff and talk to us a little bit about his entry into the game a year and a half ago, his mixtape Skte_Wars, and even throws us some freestyles. Check out the upcoming artist here on Grapevyn, definitely, ON THE RISE!
- Grapevyn Entertainment

"KQuote Author - Dedication (ft. Cornell Mickens)"

In this new wave of #based and #swag music (which I enjoy thoroughly), one can get a bit tired of constant hype. Don’t get me wrong, I love variety in music, which is why I feel like this next MC fits so well in my library. KQuote Author from Philadelphia presents a nice alternative to some of the popular music out now. His soulful rhymes and constant flow really draw you in to the world he creates with speech. Below is the intro song Dedication off his mixtape Skte_Wars which you can download here. Keep your eyes and ears open for this guy, I certainly will. Peace
- Pigeons and Planes

"Video! KQuote Author - The Sailor"

Philadelphia based MC KQuote Author gives a song off his project Skte_Wars the visual treatment. The Sailor is a mellow track dedicated to finding one’s purpose in life. I like the direction that this video takes in showing grit instead of the usual flashy clothes and cars. But don’t take my word for it watch the video, Directed by Bueno after the jump. “I’m on the ocean tryna sail to my dreams.” Peace - Pigeons and Planes


SKTE_WARS (the mixtape) - Winter 2010
Long Trip - July 17, 2011



Hailing from Cheltenham, PA, KQuote’s music goes beyond the norm for Philadelphia-area artists and creates a sound that is all his own. The best way to get to know him is by simply pressing play.